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10 Tips on How to Kick start your Digital Marketing Career

In this era of digitization, digital marketing is an important, fast growing and dynamic industry with an increased demand for talent. It is analyzed that more than 80% of companies plan to augment their digital marketing budgets. However, even after increasing marketing budgets, getting quality talent has been a challenge. Digital Marketing provides specialization in areas like content, strategy, analytics, video marketing and mobile marketing, switching jobs fitting in one which is compatible with their interests is an opportunity. This has also brought a rise in contract and freelance job opportunities. Amidst all this action, finding the right opportunity can be a daunting task, especially for young aspirants.

Here are some tips that could help kick start your digital marketing career:

1) Digital domain being an extensive domain exploring and learning is very important. While exploring it is equally necessary to follow what’s happening and identifying areas of interest and specialize in it.

2) It is necessary to get into networking and grow. Networking is said to be the soul of digital marketing. Staying active on social media is very important and get connected with relevant people. For enhancement attend webinars, offline events, Twitter chats, etc., which are ways to build your network. Along with learning new things, you could also meet potential employers.

3) Communicating and exchanging thoughts is also one important aspect. Whether it is offline or online- participate, discuss and build opinions on happenings in the digital space, and share them on a regular basis. Start your own blog and highlight your achievements and strengths.

4) Learning has to be a continuous process. The best way is to read regularly. Subscribe to newsletters and industry updates from market leaders. Few hours daily will help with the updates.

5) In digital marketing, digital data analytics market is a billion dollar industry. If there are no numbers to indicate, marketing is incomplete with regards to the evaluation of performance where analytics comes into the picture.

6) Through freelance projects, internships, contests, competitions and certifications one should get some exposure. One should make opportunities through opportunities online or through referrals.

7) Marketing of brands in social media and developing favorites has to be a part of micro study. Going deep into and finding about their strategies, pros and cons, etc. This will help you gain insights on how branding works and in due course, help crack job interviews.

8) Polishing ones software skills is also important. Microsoft Office is the application we use daily in life. Learning beyond basics needs to be the agenda. Don’t wait for your employer to give you big data sheets or a PowerPoint to work on.

9) The most important of all is connected and building relationships. Waiting for your favorite organization to announce vacancy is not a good idea. Try engaging deeper and connect by following them on social media and look for opportunities that you can strike.

10) Lastly, even after putting a lot of efforts still you don’t land at your dream job then don’t lose hope. It’s a good practice to ask for feedback on a negative job interview outcome. You can work on the feedback and avoid making the same mistake, the next time.

As the demand for digital marketing professionals is increasing this is the right time to start your career in digital marketing. Tek Classes Digital Marketing Certification Training has all the right tools and consultants to help you kick start your career.

March 8, 2018

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