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6 ways how Artificial Intelligence is shaping the Digital Marketing industry

The world around us is being changed drastically with high end technologies emerging. It was at the start of this millenium where we saw great growth in new technologies. Android, Virtual Reality, Google Car etc are some!
One of the biggest addition to this list is Artificial Intelligent, in simple words, machines which are intelligent. Which can think and take decision intelligently!

Let’s see how Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing Industry is already making the life of the marketer and also the user easier, here are the 6 ways in which the AI is shaping the Digital Marketing Industry!

1. AI will help in forecasting the behavior of the customer with propensity modeling and analytics.
A statistical scorecard is used to predict the behaviour of the customer or the prospect base. The Propensity models are used to identify the most likely ones to respond to an offer and also the predictive analytics bound a variety of techniques like data modelling, machine learning and data mining which helps to understand behavior from the history of the data usage.

2. The use of Accelerated Mobile Pages
As the usage of the webpages and applications are day by day increasing from the mobile platform, Google introduced the AMP which is the Accelerated Mobile Pages which helps in reducing the load time by optimizing it for mobile use thereby keeping the user engaged.

3. AI in Content Generation
Yes, you’ve guessed it right, The bots will create the summaries, articles and other content for users. For this to be done, it uses a process called Natural Language Generation. They are already been used for creating news snippets. QuakeBot is an example which writes news about Earthquakes.

4. Use of voice recognition search
With the rise of voice searches, it is time for the digital marketers to include the long tail keywords in the form of the voice queries. And these voice keywords are identified to be natural and conversational languages and the ones which we used as our keywords in google search.

5. Artificial Intelligence will help you with most of the daily Apps
Be the app be the navigation you use, the social media apps or the assistant apps, all these use atleast an AI algorithm. Which makes our life easy by understanding our usage behaviour and analysing our usage history.

6. Helps in predicting the sales
With the market being a place where the trends keep on changing it will be very hard for us to track the trends, but with the AI technology it will be easy to forecast the changing marketing trends.

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September 3, 2018

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