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Oracle Exadata vs SAP Hana

We have given some significant distinction between SAP HANA and Oracle Exadata.

Indeed, even Exadata is not practically identical with HANA than likewise we have attempted to finish up it in light of materials and documentation accessible in the business sector.






SAP HANA is an in-Memory Appliance.


SAP HANA is an in-Memory Appliance.


SAP HANA and accomplice arrangements fueled by the SAP HANA in-memory programming.


Prophet Exadata depends on Oracle servers, stockpiling, organizing, and software– all built and upgraded to cooperate.


There are just a predetermined number of particular SAP applications that keep running on HANA


It’s implied for Mixed workloads, i.e OLTP,DW



On the off chance that we move to HANA, it’s required to purchase new licenses as existing licenses would not be reused


We can utilize existing Oracle licenses with Exadata



SAP HANA depends on outsider process, network and capacity merchants. Various purposes of bolster lead to longer downtimes and higher aggregate expense of proprietorship


Prophet Exadata is conveyed pre-arranged, pre-tried and pre-advanced, with all fundamental programming, stockpiling, hardware and interconnect to lower aggregate expense of possession and give brisk time to esteem


No single seller is responsible for the arrangement’s administration level understandings and because of its multifaceted nature, HANA organizations ordinarily require a lot of exertion


Prophet Exadata is sold, conveyed, and upheld as a solitary seller arrangement with fast time-to-determination.




HANA is restricted to SAP BW as it were. It doesn’t support whatever other application


Exadata can be utilized for a workload for any application which is running with Oracle Database


SAP HANA runs just single application. It doesn’t support different workload also non sap DBs


Exadata is competent for all kind of workload so client can solidify various database on single machine


HANA don’t have any encryption, reviewing , consistence checking or any security accreditation


Exadata accompanies worked in security



HANA puts everything on memory.HANA comes as a collect equipment


Prophet Exadata is sufficient keen to utilize RAM, Flash and Storage. Exadata is single seller improved machine


HANA has restricted abilities in reinforcement and recuperation zone. There is no failover arrangement also calamity recuperation arrangement


Exadata is pre arranged with HA and single purpose of equipment disappointment



There is no elements accessible to organize I/O in HANA


We can utilize IORM and example confining in Exadata to organize the I/Os.


TCO is high contrast with Exadata


TCO is less contrast with HANA


Various asset required to oversee HANA


Just Exadata DBA is required to oversee Exadata



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May 30, 2017

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