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Overview of SAP BODS | Features of SAP BODS

SAP BODS (SAP Business Objects Data Services)allows one to remove and incorporate information for   expository reporting and e-business

      Features of SAP BODS

  • SAP BODS joins industry driving information quality and combination into one stage.
  • One of the essential abilities of Data Services is extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) information from heterogeneous sources into an objective data base or data distribution center.
  • It bolsters multi clients
  • It has far reaching authoritative instruments and reporting device
  • It gives superior parallel changes
  • SAP BODS is extremely adaptable with web-administration based application
  • It permits scripting dialect with rich arrangements of capacities

Components of SAP BODS

Bods comprises of a few segments including Designer, Job Server, Engine, Repository, Access Server, Administrator.

Who can learn SAP BODS?

 You can learn SAP BODS if you have the knowledge below:

  • Knowledge in development or database administration (you should have knowledge on data extraction, data warehousing, data integration and data quality)
  • Knowledge in DBMS, business intelligence and e-business messaging concept
  • You should understand organization’s data need
  • Knowledge in SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • Knowledge in Microsoft Windows

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May 30, 2017

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