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Adobe Analytics is better shift for a digital marketer. Why?

Adobe Analytics is a component of products from the Adobe marketing Cloud Suite. Adobe Analytics is helpful for online or digital marketers, where in they have an opportunity to apply real time analytics and well-structured segmentation to all their marketing routes. With Adobe Analytics one can make the use of the powerful analysis tools like Analysis Workspace, Reports and Analytics, AdHoc Analysis and Report Builder.

Adobe Analytics has got a wide range of benefits that make it a tough competitor for Google Analytics. Analysis projects can be customized through the Analysis Workspace which provides a robust and flexible canvas. With Adobe Analytics, One can learn to change report suites from one suite to another. By breaking the metric data, you can review the characteristics of the metric data and compare the data in a report. Several non-numeric data can be broken and reported. Calendar related data can be specified with dates and date ranges from a preset or can be customized. With Adobe Analytics user and group management becomes hassle free. Users or each individual can be provided with user names to access Adobe Analytics. The admin in-charge for user management has a very user-friendly interface to manage groups and users.

How does Adobe Analytics help a digital marketer?

Adobe Marketing Cloud Suite has a separate digital marketing tool called Adobe Marketing Cloud, which is exclusively developed for digital marketers. Adobe Marketing Cloud is one of the most feasible solutions for digital marketing services available today. It is a complete tool that provides complete services in organizing, accessing and personalizing the entire marketing content. This helps you understand if your work plan is working out well or needs improvement. With a structured work plan, you are always sure of providing the best of experiences to every customer across every channel or domain.

Adobe Marketing Cloud will provide end to end digital marketing service, by managing your content, increasing the audience and optimizing the customer experience. Adobe Marketing Cloud can personalize the content according to the need of the customer. As a digital marketer if you learn Adobe Analytics, you get to have a sound digital foundation that is very essential for the digital marketing services. A very strong and unified platform is needed to create one of the best customer management platforms. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are often lacking this strong platform, with Adobe Marketing Cloud you are having the ease in customer management with more intuitive tools that can judge if your content is working or not.

For any digital marketer, it becomes essential to pay attention to what the customers need. Their expectations are always high. It is very important to personalize content for each customer, there are high chances that the customer might find another service provider if he/she feels that the service provided by you is not servicing their purpose. Any marketing plan would work well only if we know our customers, thus knowing their preferences and expectations become the key. This is where Adobe Analytics comes into picture. It allows you to understand the customers through analytics and help you which variable to implement for personalization.

Adobe Marketing Cloud allows you to gather all the data related to the customer that is scattered. As a digital marketer it becomes necessary to have all the data in one robust system to handle customers well. With Adobe Marketing Cloud you are able to provide a service that cannot be abandoned. The abandonment rates are lowered and the conversion rates are increased. You have an opportunity to catch up with the latest trends in digital marketing, the expectations of the customer is that you have knowledge on the latest upgrades and show the customers the best possible methods through digital marketing. If you are able to provide the right content to the right customer then your success rate is higher that your competitors. Your success rate is measured in terms of your conversion rates and ROI.

With Abode Analytics you have your digital marketing taken complete care off, by having a 3600 views of your customers, that help you not just to personalize the content as per their needs but also predict what they would need. The customers usually have both online and offline data, a digital marketer is expected to handle both seamlessly. Adobe Analytics and Adobe Marketing Cloud will allow you to stitch both online and offline content to handle the customer services better. Prediction is a key to any digital marketing success, marketers are expected to anticipate. Prediction becomes very easy when you have analytics handy. Adobe Analytics will be the best tool to predict. Hence learning Adobe Analytics is always an added advantage for a digital marketer.

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March 8, 2018

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