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Amazon web services job opportunities and salaries

Amazon Web Services/AWS careers is accelerating itself, it is a fast-evolving cloud computing platform that is offered by Amazon.com. Cloud based services and remote computing services are generally termed as Web Services. AWS was first offered in 2006 and it was initially providing online services for websites. The robust AWS system is diversified by geographical regions. Each of these geographical locations has a Central Hub. The Central Hubs are located in USA, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Singapore and Ireland. Each of these regions has many small geographical areas that are termed as Availability Zones. AWS system offers wide range of services that are termed as CloudDrive, CloudSearch, Elastic Map Reduce (EMR), DynamoDatabase (DynamoDB), Mechanical Turk, RedShift, Simple Storage Services (S3) etc, depending on the need of the end user. The charges for each of these services vary according to the usage over a period.


Job opportunities for AWS certifications:

AWS certifications stand out as the most valuable certifications in the cloud computing era. The amount of people enrolling for these certifications has been increasing every year. As mentioned on the Forbes website, creating apps and managing costs is considered to be the most valuable IT certifications in the cloud computing industry. As the IT industry is moving bases from conventional storage to cloud storage, most of the applications now are being moved to cloud computing platforms. Amazon’s AWS is the class leader when it comes to cloud computing or Web Services. This creates major job profiles for cloud engineers. AWS being a new technology, there is a short fall of skilled and experienced developers, this gap results in payment of high salaries for the existing AWS developers. Amazon had announced earlier this year that its AWS technology partners have hired more certified engineers in a very short period of time. This means to say that just a certificate in AWS would help you earn your dream job. Not just a dream job, it will create a career path that will have various opportunities to find growth.

AWS developers can work as solution architects, solution design engineers who will handle the roles of designing applications and systems. As an AWS SDK user one can find job profiles that look to develop secure cloud applications. They will work with DevOps to develop, apply and maintain applications. AWS developers will also be able to work in the operations team as sysops administrators, system administrators to create automatable and repeatable systems, along with similar networks.


What Salary can one expect with an AWS certification?

Forbes.com reports that working on AWS to create apps and managing costs was the most preferred job profiles at top organizations. The Global Knowledge’s “15 Top Paying Certifications for 2016” report gives a detailed in depth of the Salary that is paid to developers working on various software. It has been reported that AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate was paid the highest annual salary in the year 2016, it was well ahead of top PMP certified users too. PMP users were the most paid in the software industry during 2012 1nd 2013. The AWS architects were paid close to 125,871 USD annually according to the report. Developers working on various AWS tools like DynamoDB and Elastic Map Reduce are reported to be paid the most by their respective companies. DynamoDB stays on top of the list in terms of annual salary package with 141,813 USD. Developers using other AWS tools like CloudFormation, ElastiCache, CloudWatch, and AWS Lambda are well ahead of well known tools like Apache software in term of annual pay packages.

Experienced and skilled developers are known to have a huge demand in the cloud industry, but what about the new talent? Developers who are new to this field, considered as fresher, might not find it hard to find their first job. The well experienced developers are willing to create teams for the best of the future of the organizations they serve for. The gap that needs to be filled in the fast evolving cloud based services, there will be no shortage of jobs at least for next decade.

If you are someone who is willing to make career in the field of cloud computing, then you should go ahead and chose to take up AWS certification from a trusted source, and you have a career that will be growing at a pace higher than your expectation. Some prerequisites or an experience of working with cloud services is always an added advantage, but not compulsory.

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March 8, 2018

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