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Automation Anywhere Interview Questions and Answers

1.What do you mean by automation? What are it’s advantages?

It is essentially a strategy to automate the assignments and process with the assistance of corrected hardware which depends upon innovation. It is important for the relationship to consider automation as it improves ability and divide down the miscalculate from a few business strategies and exchanges. Additionally, the human block can be stayed away from up all things considered. Diverse techniques can be automated with the utilization of particular gear and expertise.

2.What do you think about the normal advances that are engaged with Automation anywhere process?

The primary thing is to choose the test tool. After this, the following stage is to design the extent of automation anywhere took after by the means arranging, planning and improvement. Following stage is testing execution and the last advance is support. It is fundamental to take after the means in the characterized arrangement to remove disorder.

3.What are the automation tools you are secure in?

It trusts you. You can indicate here about the devices you have great assemble or abilities in. For the most part, it is asked from gifted proficient in the Automation.

4.Name the assorted recorders available in Automation Anywhere?

Recorders available:

1).Challenge Recorder    2).Basic recorder  3). Web recorder

5.What are the basic components that must be dealt with while organizing Automation anyplace?

Before doing anything, the central thing to a center is picking the Automation tool that is important. It is fundamental to give the watchful design to the framework in case it is accessible. The test condition setup is close to essential to consider on require. Another factor that issues a considerable measure is aware the test output. Moreover, factors, for example, for example, the course of events of the undertaking and its execution are substitute factors that must be taken between the arranging stages.

6.Is it possible to utilize Automation anywhere testing for lithe strategy? What are the variables that can impact it?

Truly it is thinkable. However now and again, there are conditions in which it isn’t valuable. The essential concern is a critical piece of the time changing the necessities of agile testing. In such a case, it isn’t possible to utilize it. Regularly there is the need for the possible level of documentation. In such case likewise, the testing for light-footed strategy isn’t helpful. In any case, in the event of constant add, it is likely to utilize it just.


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7.What are the highlights you would look while choosing a tool for automation anywhere?

The devices must be easy to utilize and have test condition support accessible basically. It must have the investigating ability for the smooth activities. It is very obvious that testing picture and questions are the crucial angles in the Automation Anywhere. accordingly, it must have a superior picture and question testing expertise. Likewise, it must have the capacity to test the database. Question ID and various system bolster are alternate highlights that must be there in an implement for Automation Anywhere.

8.Name any five things which you can automate?

The following are the five things:

  • Smoke Sanity test suite
  • Smoke test suite
  • Automation behind GUI
  • Construct sending
  • Test information creation

9.Which factors are necessary to evaluate for scripting standard for Automation Anywhere Testing?

  • For every ten lines of code, there ought to be three lines of code
  • Most extreme utilization of system wherever possible is likewise a vital factor.
  • Proper space, Uniform naming tradition, Error dealing with and administration.

10.Name any two compulsory equipment for Automation anyplace testing?

Regardless of the way that there are distinctive gadgets however the ones that are considered as best might be:

  • Sound Robot
  • QTP

The two are also extraordinary and help to get occurs that is totally botched free.

11.What are the purposes of not considering manual testing in automation anywhere approach?

The best issue is it needs a huge measure of extra assets and furthermore it’s an endless procedure if done physically. There are sure odds of stacks that can announce their quality because of failure. At the point when ventures are time exact or when they are to an extraordinary degree sweeping, surely noticeable, it’s not an intelligent alternative to consider manual testing. It can corrupt the execution of advantages performing testing because of losing interest by playing out a similar assignment over and over in a brief span cross.

12.What do you think about the sort of structure that is utilized as a part of Automation Anywhere programming?

There are four critical structures that are usually utilized:

  • Watchword Driven Automation Framework.
  • Information-driven automation system.
  • Crossover Automation Framework
  • Particular automation structure.

13.What do you mean by Sikuli?

Sikuli is essentially an interesting machine in Automation that can be utilized with regards to graphical UI. It makes utilization of VIM technique and holds a few web components.

14.What is the employment of Sikuli?   

Sikuli is an extremely intense tool that can be utilized for automating the blasted articles and additional sites. At whatever point there is a need for clear API, it can basically be utilized. In addition, it can be incorporated into various systems, for example, Java,.Net. Windows-based applications can be computerized in a general sense with the assistance of Sikuli. Besides, it is thinkable to interface it with different tools, for example, Selenium.

15.How will you deal with error in automation anywhere approach?

Current equipment utilized as a part of the situation is capable of this issue. The truth of the matter is automation programming projects are very much furnished with a mistake dealing with the tool to discover the blunders that regularly announce their essence. In the event that any manual activity is required, the same should be possible by building reasoning in the framework

16.In Automation Anywhere approach, what precisely you will Automate first?

Current automation programming projects are restoring with a standout amongst other highlights and i.e. they can break down ROI and give valuable data on undertakings that offer advantages and basically help in realizing what to be automated first. Clearly, this divides down the difficulty that frequently comes because of the need for automation. Suggestions from the agent in the event of its task in a business can likewise be taken with the goal that complex procedures can be computerized first and workers’ weight can be minimized.

17.What kinds of various frameworks are required for Automation Anywhere?

Since there is no need of back-end coding, any sort of framework can be considered. This is one of the main advantages of this approach also.

18.What is Selenium? What do you think about it?

Selenium is essentially a system for the test suite that is widely considered in Automation anywhere approach. It is open source and can be particularly helpful when it is fixed in with automate the skilled, and also web situations. Its help scripting language, for example, Python, PHP, Ruby, Java, Perl, et cetera makes it extraordinary compared to other structure.

19. What do you mean by QTP?

QTP remains for Quick test trained and is essentially an Automation tool that is utilized as a part of test situations.

20.What is the motivation behind Automation Anywhere and what are the difficulties related?

Automation Anywhere is a not too bad approach that expects to spare time and divide down the human errors. It is essentially a type of manmade brainpower that is useful in making the occupations and procedures more dominant in each angle. The greatest difficulties related to the present situation are abilities lack and here and there cost. In any case, a considerable measure of assignment can be made keep running without a break without disturbing over their frustration.

21.Think about Sikuli and Selenium?

Both Sikuli and Selenium are intense equipment that can be utilized as a part of Automation Anywhere.

Sikuli Selenium
Automate the blink objects It doesn’t Automate the blink objects
Valuable for automating the Windows and in addition web applications It can work just on web applications
A visual match is present A visual match is absent

22.What needs to be focused on among the assignment creation?

There are different strategies accessible to guarantee Automation is under control and is really not sitting around idly, cash and effort. Assignment creation is principally a helpful approach that basically let the automation procedure work dependably gave you chart in just those in the procedures who have great aids.

23.Is it thinkable to accomplish 100% automation?

Indeed, it is thinkable to accomplish 100% automation however by and large to a great degree complex. Finish automation even has a considerable measure of downsides as well. By and large, it isn’t the essential focus in any automation procedure and tasks that point the same isn’t considered in the greater part of the ventures in view of automation.

24.Name a couple of automation equipment you caught wind of? Are on the whole devices free?

There are different devices accessible and not every one of them is free.

Selenium and JMeter are a fundamentally open source.

The paid ones are Load Runner, RFT, Rational, Ranorex, and DTP.

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