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BlockChain Developer | Roles, Types and Skills

A BlockChain developer is someone who is responsible for the development and also the optimization of the protocols by Blockchain and also the crafting of the architecture of blockchain systems by developing smart contracts and the web applications using blockchain technology are the ones known as blockchain developers.

There are 2 types of BlockChain Developers.
1. Core BlockChain Developers
2. BlockChain Software developers

The Core blockchain developers are mostly the ones who are responsible for the development of the architecture of the blockchain system, and how its protocols are supposed to be designed and other high-level decisions and development which are related to the blockchain technology. The blockchain software developers are the ones that use the architecture and also the protocols designed by Core Blockchain developers for the purpose of building decentralized applications which run on the blockchain technology.
The main roles of the BlockChain developers include :
1. Designing of the consensus protocols and the security patterns of the network
2. Designing of the blockchain protocols
3. Supervising the entire network in the system
4. Designing the network architecture
5. Developing the smart contracts
6. Back end developing related to blockchain

Technical Skills required for becoming a BlockChain developer:
Data Structures
A top to bottom knowledge and also the applicative sense of data structures is a must when it comes to becoming a blockchain developer. They are the ones who constantly play around and tweak the existing data structures like the merkle trees, petrecia trees etc to meet their own personal network requirements. The Blockchain uses a excessive amount of data structures in synchronicity with advanced cryptography so that to build a very secure and unchanging system.
Blockchain Architecture
Blockchain developer must have an excellent understanding of blockchain its working and also about its architecture. The Idea like cryptographic hash functions, distributed ledger technology should be mastered by them. The best way to get along with blockchain technology is to go through the bitcoin blockchain whitepaper, but just going through the complete white paper can be a tiresome work and also a little instruction always helps to increase the learning. You can sign up for our BlockChain certification course.
As we know, Blockchain is a conjunction of data structures and advanced cryptography, hence it is only obvious that a good grasp on cryptography is also required to become a blockchain developer. A lot of cryptographic methods like the hash functions are used in blockchain aside from asynchronous cryptography for generating digital signatures. It is very important to know its working.
Web development is more of an integral key area of a blockchain developer. When someone starts his career as a blockchain developer, a majority of them are employed for the basic designing of applications which are decentralized which means that you must know the basics of both the front-end and back-end development.

You can learn more about blockchain and get certification in blockchain and build a career in blockchain technoloy, enroll yourself for our BlockChain training. It will help you understand the topic in depth and you can master the subject.

December 20, 2018

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