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Career Development Tips

Career Development Tips

Every person irrespective of the age, status, caste,creed and sex love to progress in career and reach the top position. Even after reaching the top position, people strive hard to retain them and continue showing supremacy in their respective professions. Everyone knows very well that education is a continuous process and it is like an ocean and one can learn new things with each passing second.

There is no denying the fact that successful people never stop learning and Mahatma Gandhi once famously remarked “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” One should never stop learning not only for career development but also to make life happy. Continuous education makes a person happier, irreplaceable, humble and a mentor.

Career development is a continuous process and people should realize that career and job are two different things. Many often mistake and get confused thinking career and job are one and the same. Career is more than a job and forms essential part in the success of a professional.

Successful professions will never stop their quest to understand and advance and continuous learning is not an option any more in the competitive market. One should be on their toes enhancing their skills for advancement in career. Continuing education includes educational classes, skill training courses, formal advisement from a company mentor, management training, or personal development through study and self-directed courses.

Everyone should follow the following tips to shine and achieve success in life:

Learn Secondary Skills

People should concentrate on learning secondary skills. Specialist in one’s profession is good, but if one learns secondary skills like a copywriter learning desktop publishing and layout designing, it makes them more competent. This will be an added advantage to their resume and career growth.

Overhauling Resume

Resume should be constantly edited and updated with new skills. Companies pay important to new skills, be it technical and soft skills. One should make resume 100% tailor made for each and every job one applies and shouldn’t send the same resume to all posts.

Online Presence

Online presence will plays an important role in today’s job market. Having twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts will help the employer to google name and get to know about the person.

Professional Development

Attending conferences will help improve professional skills and interacting with groups in the same industry will help in getting more professional opportunities.


Networking plays important role in career development. Mere social accounts, participating in conferences will be of no use if one donot talk and interact with strangers.

Personal Brand

Building personal brand plays important role in boosting the reputation.


Having achievable goals and reaching them in targets will help in career development.

Being Vocal

Letting your work speak, for you will not help. One should also market accordingly by being vocal, claiming credit that is due for them. Boss or superiors should know about the talent.

Industry Trends

One should keep undated with industry trends as there are lots of technological innovations in all fields.

Making a Right Move

One should know when to make the right move. Gone are the days people used to stick to their jobs for decades. When current employers are not recognizing,one should make the right move at the right time.

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June 6, 2018

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