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Career Growth in Oracle DBA

The search for a career with almost no risk of layoffs even when company’s downsize then the job is none other than a career in database administration. Skilled database administrators are also in demand in the market. Also as a company’s database continues to grow there is a huge need for individuals who can manage, maintain and develop databases as set up/designs, troubleshooting problems and setting parameters to maximize performance.

The job responsibilities at some companies of a data administrator are assigned at several positions. Oracle is an enterprise software company developing a rational database management system (DBMS) running on multiple platforms. The main function of the administrators at Oracle database is to manage and customize these systems, ensuring optimum performance. For this a candidate needs to have a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in information systems, as well as Oracle certification and extensive experience with its products.

Oracle database administrators main function is the operation of Oracle database systems. The task includes installing and upgrading software applications, oversee user accessibility, coordinate database security, monitor and optimize system performance, solving service issues and database backup plus recovery. Their function also includes developing and documenting database architecture policies and procedures. Working for private corporations, government agencies, financial institutions and companies in integrated technology solutions are also the areas where Oracle database administrators work.

Educational requirements for being an Oracle database administrator professional experience is said to have more weight than education. It depends on employers but an associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree in information systems or computer science may be preferred while some employers may also accept a diploma with appropriate experience. The most key qualification is an extensive background in database administration and experience with Oracle systems. Oracle also offers three levels of certification for database administrators which also includes Oracle Certified Associate, Oracle Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) and Oracle Certified Master (OCM), which may also enhance job prospects.

Skills required for Oracle database administrators should possess expert knowledge of Oracle applications, web servers, database administration and many operating systems like Linux, Unix and Windows. They must know to solve problems and should possess excellent written and verbal communication skills and should be able to interact with customers and co-workers. Many time Oracle database administrators also work independently, but they should be able to work in a team and in departments in an organization. In many cases employers also require security clearances, professional certification.

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May 22, 2017

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