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Career Opportunities for Apache Cassandra

Defining Apache Cassandra
Apache Cassandra is the distributed database from Apache project, which is an open source non-relational database that offers continuous availability with single point of failure. Apache Cassandra was originally developed at Face book and was open sourced in 2008 and later on becoming a top level Apache Project in 2010. Apache Cassandra offers capability that is far more superior to relational databases and other NoSQL databases. The main features of Apache Cassandra include
• Continuous availability and consistency
• Scalable and fault tolerant
• A column oriented database
• The distribution design is based on the Amazon’s Dynamo and its data model on Google’s Bigtable.
• It implements a Dynamo style replication model with no single point of failure adding a more powerful “column family” data model.
• It has faster linear scale performance
• It accommodates all possible data formats
• Apache Cassandra also supports properties like Atomcity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability (ACID)
• Its performance is faster and has capacity of storing hundreds of terabytes of data without sacrificing the real efficiency.
Career opportunities for Apache Cassandra
Apache Cassandra was feature that evolved to lead innovation in NoSQL. The emergence of big data companies is resulting in employing open source software and NoSQL database technology that is pushing the demand for Apache Cassandra professionals to the peak. Apache Cassandra is the popular choice of these big data companies owing to its scalability and availability. It is estimated that Big Data would grow into $3 billion market by 2018 and with this growth comes the need for professionals who handle this big data having skills in Apache Cassandra.
The demand for Cassandra professionals with NoSQL skills is growing phenomenally with Apache Cassandra emerging as one of the highest paying profession across SQL, cloud, analytics and more. According some surveys, Apache Cassandra emerged as critical qualification and skills for Big Data professionals.
Further surveys have strengthened the requirement of Apache Cassandra professionals with quarter of respondents already holding certifications in Hadoop, MongoDB, Oracle and Server. Career in Apache Cassandra is quite brightening in coming years with massive skill gap in NoSQL industry and therefore it is the right time for IT professionals to pursue Cassandra training to take the advantage of the available career opportunities.
It is estimated that market for NoSQL is more than $118,587 in 2016 with the pay scales for NoSQL associated jobs having climbed 3.3% from 2014 to 2015. In 2016, the Dice Tech Salary Survey states that Cassandra salaries have hiked to $147,811 with Apache Cassandra jobs in United States having put up at 3,763 jobs with 767 Apache Cassandra jobs having thrown up in India. The job roles in Apache Cassandra consists of following job positions-
• Cassandra Developer
• Cassandra Database Administrator
• Cassandra Solution Architect
• Performance Tester in Cassandra
• Cassandra Data Engineer
• Cassandra Functional Tester
More and more companies across the globe are now using Apache Cassandra for their data needs requiring the IT professionals having skills of Apache Cassandra.
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March 8, 2018

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