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ETL Testing Training
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Our corporate training is carefully structured to help executives keep ahead of rapidly evolving business environments.



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Course Curriculum

What is ETL Testing? 01:02:00
What are ETL Tools? What is BI testing?? What are BI Tools?? What Is Data Warehouse (DWH)??
Basics Of SQL 00:53:00
Data Definition Language Data Manipulation Language Data Retrieval language Transaction Control Language
Different types of Data Type? 00:45:00
Data Definition Language Create Alter Drop, TRUNCATE Data Manipulation Language Insert Update Delete
What is Schema? 01:13:00
How to use SELECT Command? Arithmetic Operators, Comparison Operators, Logical Operators.
What is a Function 00:58:00
Single row functions, Character Functions, Number Functions, Date Functions.
Multiple row functions 01:22:00
Introduction to Constraints 01:18:00
Constrains 00:51:00
Primary Key, Foreign Key, Check Constraints, Unique Key, Not Null constraints.
Database objects 00:55:00
Indexes, Database Links, Data Dictionary.
What is OLTP system? 01:17:00
What is Data Model? 01:26:00
Lab 1: Expression Transformation 01:28:00
Lab 2: Validation of data between flat files and relational tables 01:12:00
Functional Testing 01:20:00
Update Strategy transformation 00:59:00
Slowly changing Dimensions(In terms of ETL Testing) 01:31:00
SCD type 1, SCD Type 2, SCD type 3.
Fact table testing 01:22:00
System testing, Regression testing.
UNIX Commands 01:03:00
BI Testing, Smoke testing, Functional testing, Performance testing, Unit Testing.



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About ETL Testing Training


ETL Testing Training from Tek Classes makes you expert in a concept which can be applied to different tools and databases in information management industry. The objective of ETL testing is to assure that the data that has been loaded from a source to destination after business transformation is accurate. It also involves the verification of data at various middle stages that are being used between source and destination. ETL Testing Online Training Course is designed for beginners to advanced Professionals. The course includes the following topics – Introduction to ETL Testing, OLTP vs. OLAP, Introduction to RDBMS, Database Testing Vs Data Warehouse Testing, Data Warehouse Workflow and Case Study, Data Checks using SQL and Scope of BI testing.


ETL Testing Course Objectives

Tek Classes provides the best ETL Testing Online Training that will assist you to start the flying career in the world of ETL Testing. Our training program is designed to match the industry demanding ETL certification. Tek Classes ETL Testing Courses are delivered through best instructors who have more than 8+ years industry experience that gives flexibility for the learners to attend the course at their own time and place. Our ETL Testing Training in Bangalore comprises of 16 modules supported by quality hands on labs.

Learn ETL Testing from Experts; We have designed the ETL Testing course content and syllabus based on industry expectations to achieve everyone’s career goal. Here, the students will get the exposure to all ETL process and how they can use this tool in operations. Take up the ETL Training to seek your dream career.

ETL Testing Tutorial

Tek Classes offer ETL Testing Online Training through various online technologies like GoToMeeting and Webex. These classes are affordable and are for those who are working professionals. ETL testing Tutorial gives you the freedom of attending the session from the comfort of your home or office. Take the benefits of ETL testing online training and upgrade your career into ETL Testing.

ETL Testing Self-Paced Video Learning

Tek Classes also offering ETL Testing Training Videos. Now you can easily Learn ETL Testing Course through our self-paced videos which is focused on the concepts, webinars, case studies, and much more. Our ETL Testing Tutorial gives you the kind of flexibility to learn from where ever you want. Take this course and upgrade your knowledge on ETL Testing.

ETL Testing Training in Bangalore

Tek Classes is one of the Best ETL Testing Institute in Bangalore. Our customized sessions on ETL Testing Training in Bangalore is the best way to gain hands-on experience and real time knowledge. Get training from the best and experienced trainers who are specialists in ETL Testing Training in Bangalore.

Who should take this course?

Suggested attendees for ETL Testing Course may be:

    • Business Intelligence Professionals or ETL Developers
    • Professionals aspiring to become Business Object Professionals
    • Project Managers
    • Database Professionals
    • Mainframe Professionals
    • SQL Developers


Why ETL Testing a Better Upgrade for People Looking for a Career in Testing?

Why should I learn ETL Testing?
    • ETL Development professional can earn $70,000 to $1,00,000


Scope Of ETL Testing

Projects during the course
  • Quick understanding of SQL concepts
  • Knowledge on Software Testing Life Cycle
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ETL Testing Training
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  1. Good learning experience`

    i joined course in tekclasses after finding so many institutes in online they reached my expectation i really satisfied with tekclasses, i was an awesome eperience