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Current Job Trends on ODI

Looking for a dream career in MNCs? But not sure which technology is the best for you. Then must read this article to have an idea about the current job trends and market on Oracle Data Integrator (ODI).


Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) is an ETL tool and offers the Data Integration platform that covers High-performance bulk data movement and data transformation, E-LT architecture for improved performance, to optimize developer productivity and extensibility and Service-oriented data integration and management for SOA environments. With ODI, one can create a streamline daily business operations, complete the migration to a new high-performance Oracle Database, and reduce time-to-market for new products and services.

Broadly, ODI can be used to handle various Data Integration projects which include BI, Data Warehousing, Data Movement, Data Consolidations & Master Data Management.

Current Market trends of ODI

The current market for ODI professionals is lucrative and is accelerating at an exponential rate. So, big players like IBM, DELL, HP, TATA, Oracle, eBay, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Linkedin, Cisco, etc. are hiring for more people with ODI skills. ODI is not a short-lived technology and the same trend will continue progressing in the future.

Who can learn ODI?

Freshers, Business Analysts, Data Modelers, Database Administrators, SOA Architect, Data Warehouse Administrator, Technical Consultant etc. can learn ODI to make their career in MNCs.

Top 4 Benefits of learning ODI for Freshers

  1. Top priority in many organizations and great opportunities –It is the best career option for the fresher and also the top priority in many MNCs because there is an urgent need in the IT Industry to integrate their data.
  2. A ton of Job Titles for ODI professionals –The future for ODI professionals are very bright. MNCs are looking to hire for the different roles that include:
  • ETL Developer
  • Lead Data Architect – ODI
  • Data Integration Specialist
  • Oracle Database Architect
  • Integration Architect III
  • ODI Consultant
  • ODI Designers/Developers
  • ODI Engineer

  1. Make big money –ODI professionals have a potential to make a huge money through their skills no matter whether they are a fresher or experienced. Due to high demand in the market, employers are ready to pay a huge amount for the right candidates.
  2. ODI used everywhere –It is undeniable fact that the demand of ODI professionals is increasing day by day. The demand is also due to the management of huge data integration, which is used in data warehousing and data integration projects.

So, what are you waiting for? Ramp up your career by learning ODI and exponentially accelerate your career growth. Take classes of ODI from us and get on-demand.

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May 9, 2017

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