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What is ServiceNow, what type of organizations can use ServiceNow tool? future in ServiceNow?

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a cloud computing organization started in 2004 in California. It is more of a “Software As A Service, (SAAS)” tool.  ServiceNow provides Service Management Software for various organizations. It is fragmented as IT Services Management ITSM, IT Operations Management ITOM and IT Business Management ITBM. It provides solutions and helps companies work in a more effective way. ServiceNow is a service oriented platform that focuses on the activities and processes that make up day to day work life, thus making the enterprise run faster and also more scalable. It can automate the workflow by reducing dependencies on email and spreadsheets to manage services of the enterprise. ServiceNow can be used by all the departments of the enterprise like IT, HR, field services and others along with high speed cloud computing. ServiceNow’s ability to handle all the departments of the enterprise helps the user create a single system to record all IT processes of the organization. This single system will bring together “Strategy, Design and Operation” on to the most evolving cloud platform.

Organizations that are using ServiceNow

Currently most of the business professionals gather the information through search engines like Google, Bing etc, they use Skype to communicate and website like Expedia to book travel and stay. What remains unhandled effectively is the business’s customer service. The customer service tools that are provided by many IT organizations are not very user friendly and do not fulfill every business user’s need. This is where ServiceNow comes into picture, it is creating a bridge to fill this gap in customer services sector. ServiceNow has restructured a flexible service desk by establishing Social Media and features like Live Chat and Live Help into their platform. This will make the staff more productive and also reducing support cases.

Latest trends in ServiceNow are their Asset Management, Enterprise Services Management and Visual Support tools. The Asset management tool will make the entire process of software management uncomplicated. This tool can be adopted by all enterprises of any size, be it small or large. The Enterprise Management Tool will improve the IT help desk management, thus expanding to customer services outside IT as well. This will most probably create more opportunities for the organization. The Virtual Support tool provides adequate and timely support to developers and administrators.

ServiceNow is adopted by companies from almost all the fields that provide service and support like automotive industry, IT industry, pharmaceuticals, insurance, media and entertainment etc. Few IT companies have struggled with an outdated ITSM platform in the past. They sensed that this would draw them back in the global market in terms of service quality. This future insecurity pushed IT companies to outsource their management and maintenance issues. But this resulted in over expenditure and ended up being time consuming, which lead to customer dissatisfaction. With ServiceNow, the IT companies are able to work with all the departments on a single platform which saves both time and money.

Similar scenario occurred in a few automotive industries where the service management and IT service desk were outsourced. These automotive industries were not satisfied with the quality and costs for the service, resulting in a lookout for an efficient and reliable source that can handle their customer service related issues. When the switch happened to ServiceNow, all their tasks including processes, managing customers, handling customer issues, handling tools were handled on a single platform. It helped them reduce costs on services management and IT services desk too.

ServiceNow is adopted by Bank of Ireland, through ServiceNow they have an IT automation process that reduces time of administration by 75%. Bupa were able to replace their outdated on-premise application with ServiceNow which has their customer satisfaction. Craft Brew Alliance created an efficient ITIL framework with ServiceNow Express which has replaced their outdated limited ticketing system. With ServiceNow, GE Capital has automated thousands of raw events that become actionable events every day KPMG has gained more business credibility by transforming IT with service automation. NHS has automated their HR services via ServiceNow platform. These are just a few examples about the impact of ServiceNow on the services industry.

Future in ServiceNow

The future with ServiceNow can be termed as a secure profile for new job aspirants. ServiceNow is adopted my organization from diversified fields. The implementation of ServiceNow has created jobs for IT professionals in variety of organizations. ServiceNow is an ever growing platform and has no less for job creations in the near future.

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July 19, 2017

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