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How feasible is Robotic Process Automation for an IT startup? Is it cheaper than employing humans?

In the past, only human being has the capacity to manipulate information, solve mathematics processes, gather information, and store facts. Computers were invented to support humans in information recovery and calculation with just a click of the mouse as time goes by. The developing technologies nowadays can now response the million dollar query, if your question is “Is it possible to do monotonous jobs without human assistance?” The answer should be yes.

What is RPA?

Think of RPA as an amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and software automation. Basically, it lets businesses to configure computer software to gather and extract information, identify patterns, and study, adapt and answer to different circumstances.

RPA is dynamic – it looks for patterns and creates predictions. RPA can be configured to “observe” the method a skilled user executes an exact assignment and the numerous decision points involved in completing that assignment, and to imitate the process.

This is only possible because of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This system is used to increase the productivity and effectiveness of performing simple office responsibilities while decreasing subjectivity bias, human mistake, and incorrectness. Automated systems such as RPA can have an enormous influence on Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) establishments.

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More importance – Less investment

Robotic Process Automation


All establishment has its part of rather routine and regular data entry responsibilities that –although normal – are important to the complete business achievement. Consider responsibilities like monthly over-all ledger distributions or outstanding distributions. They must be completed, and they must be finished appropriately, but they are usually done the same technique each time. Repetitive data entry responsibilities like these are perfect candidates for automation – Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to be specific.

RPA is a system which could reduce the amount of work of the people. Why would establishments select such system rather than outsource employment force? RPA is cheaper compared to employing numerous persons. Physical efforts can also be time-consuming, subjective, and likely to human mistake, and incorrectness when given a huge volume of work. Hence, it is more effective to develop a system which will progress the outcomes of the physical workforce.

Data processing is one of the common responsibilities that could be developed by using automated systems. RPA can do common clerical office responsibilities like the gathering of information from digital setup or paper, generation of reports, the collection of data from prevailing documents, categorization and removal of information, and other simple office responsibilities. These systems can be used online or hosted on the cloud with respect to security and compliance of necessities. The domain of the system, might it be in banking, finance, insurance, healthcare, or legal services, should not be a problem as long as the official papers to be processed is existing.

Additional work that could be enhanced by augmented intelligence is the employment of IT-BPO contact employees. They can use a voice-based normal language software which can speak to consumers using verbal English language and enhance sales for them. Though it is automated, IT-BPO employees will still have a part in it. They shall observe the calls and mediate when the application or software encounters a difficult like an incapability to understand the words spoken by a consumer.

The progress of automated systems can reduce the cycle periods and progress throughput ever since software robots can work 24 hours a day and they can execute responsibilities quicker than humans do. RPA systems can also be restructured once there is a change in a significant procedure. In adding, it can develop the correctness of the production as these systems are pre-set for a definite instruction and it should not have a mistake. Though, the disadvantage is that it could not relate spontaneous actions when a difficulty arises compared to the human being.

Before applying a Robotic Process Automation, it should be noted that software systems and robots are also inclined to failure. If a mistake arises, these systems will implement the faulty instruction repeatedly unless someone identifies the failure.

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Will the robots take all our employment?

Robotics vs Human


In short, the answer to this question is no. Unavoidably RPA will affect a decrease of jobs to some definite business divisions, job roles and purposes of the business and IT support, shared services and processing centers. But as with any evolutionary stage, there will also be new prospects for employment and career advancement.

In adding to this, by using technology rather than humans to conduct definite process flows and workflows it makes the ability to extract digital information features mid-process that haven’t before been possible. This has the prospects for achieving new insights and categorizing new prospects for businesses resulting in better revenues and generating even more new employment.

How could RPA suitable into your business operations?

Back-office responsibilities like the accounts payable circulations we mention are normal candidates for RPA. By believing these responsibilities over to RPA, you can decrease expenditures, data entry mistakes, and promote productivity.


Due to the extraordinary increase in the demand for work, automated systems such as RPA can be of excessive benefit to complete repetitive simple office responsibilities. The charge of such systems are low and operation management is economical. Because of this reason, it is expected that BPO companies and Back Office will change from manual outsourcing of employment force to automated systems.

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