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How Good is Informatica for Starting a Career As a Software Developer?

According to the running market, there is a high demand for Informatica professionals, especially Informatica Developers in the market. If you are a fresher and wanna make a career as Informatica Developer then don’t give a second thought. On an average, Informatica Developer earns Rs 497,716 per year. The study claims that recruiters hire 60% Informatica Developers every year.

Why Choose Informatica to Start Your Career?

  • Easy to learn – Informatica is very easy to learn compared to other courses. One can be a proficient Informatica Developer within a three month.
  • Resume Focus Skills – Informatica is the hottest skill. So, adding this to your resume can give you a better chance. According to LinkedIn and Naukri.com data, employers are searching more for Informatica Developers.
  • Bigger Remuneration – The demand of Informatica Developers are so high in the market that it becomes one of the highest-paying sectors.
  • Free form Coding – No coding knowledge required for learning this tool.

Key Role Area (KRA) for Informatica Developer

The following are the key role area which an Informatica Developer handles:

  • Assisting in the process of coding, testing, implementing, debugging and documenting.
  • Create technical documentation.
  • Understand the business requirements.
  • Test the Informatica modules, plans deploys and tests the ETL mappings, etc.
  • Coordinate with people for On-site/Off-site process related activities.

Career Growth & Career Opportunities

This career is one of the rewarding careers with sure 30% growth every year. If a candidate is passionate, fast, up-to-date with technology and loves challenges, then the sky is the limit. If you entered as an Informatica Developer, then the various job opportunities for you are:

  • Informatica Lead
  • Associate Informatica Developer
  • Senior Informatica Developer

Career Future

The future of Informatica professionals is very high and bright. With the experience and expertization on this tool, there is a high chance of getting promoted to the next level.

Learn the most fundamental skills of Informatica from Tek Classes and kick start your career as an Informatica Developer. Happy Learning!!!

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June 6, 2018

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