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How IoT works? What are its benefits? What are Prerequisites?

How IoT works?

Internet of things is influencing our lifestyle. The air conditioner that can be controlled by mobile, smartwatches that track our daily activities, cars providing the shortest way. IoT is a joint network connected to devices, this devices gather data and share the data about how they used, and the environment which they used. Sensors are embedded in every physical device, this sensor emits continuous data about the working state of devices. For sharing this huge data IoT provides a common platform for all the devices for sharing and storing the data. IoT platform integrates the collected data from various sources further they perform on data and valuable information is extracted as per the requirement. And also it provides a common language to devices and apps to communicate with each other. A process called machine-to-machine(M2M) communication.

In any case, this innovation takes into account a level of ongoing information that we’ve never had. We can monitor our families, homes remotely to protect them. Organizations can enhance procedures to build efficiency and lessen material waste and unexpected downtime. Sensors in the city foundation can help reduce road congestion and warn us when infrastructure is in danger. Contraptions out in the open can monitor for changing ecological conditions and caution us of approaching calamities.

Benefits of IoT

There are numerous uses of IoT based arrangements. IoT is making our lives more brilliant, secure, effective and helpful. It sends end to end supply chain visibility. Some applications are mentioned below.

  • Smart Transportation
  • Smart healthcare
  • Smart retail
  • Home automation
  • Ecological screening
  • Self-driven cars
  • Agriculture

Prerequisites to learn IoT:

A fresher with good knowledge of C and C++ for embedded device programming, Knowledge in python is an added advantage for IoT Training., experienced developers and architects, IT professionals, and other professionals. Basic knowledge of any cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, etc.


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