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How much Java is required to learn Hadoop

Apache Hadoop is one of the most commonly adopted enterprise solution by big IT giants making it one of the top 10 IT job trends for 2015. Thus, with Hadoop ecosystem getting bigger day by day, it is mandatory for intelligent technologists to pick up Hadoop quickly. The outpouring demand for big data analytics is landing many IT professionals to switch their careers to Hadoop technology. Professionals need to consider the skills before they begin to learn Hadoop.

It becomes hassle-free if students know about the hurdles of learning Hadoop. One of the most frequently asked questions by prospective Hadoopers is- “How much java is required for hadoop”?

Hadoop is an open-source software built on Java thus making it necessary for every Hadooper to be well-versed with at least java essentials for hadoop. Having knowledge of advanced Java concepts for hadoop is a plus but definitely not compulsory to learn hadoop.

For most professionals who are from various backgrounds like – Java, PHP, .net, mainframes, data warehousing, DBAs, data analytics – and want to get into a career in Hadoop and Big Data, this is the first question they ask themselves and their peers. It is an obvious question – you want to invest your time and money to learn Hadoop, a new technology, but you also need to understand if it will be worth your time, if you can understand how to work on Hadoop, as easily as you work on the technologies in which you are currently an expert. Recent graduates, with no work experience on other technologies will find it very difficult to get hired as Hadoop developers. Indeed, most companies absolutely insist on hiring only experienced professionals. There are several reasons for that – the first one being – Hadoop is not an easy technology to master.

According to various job portals (Dice, Monster, Naukri, etc.,) Java-Hadoop combined skill is in great demand in the IT industry with increasing Hadoop jobs.

Career counselors at Tek Classes frequently answer the question posed by many of the prospective students or professionals who want to switch their career to big data or Hadoop- “How much Java is required for Hadoop”?

Most of the prospective students exhibit some kind of disappointment when they ask this question –they feel not knowing Java to be a limitation and they might have to miss on a great career opportunity. It is one of the biggest myth that- a person from any other programming background other than Java cannot learn Hadoop.

There are several organizations who are adopting Apache Hadoop as an enterprise solution with changing business requirements and demands. The demand for Hadoop professionals in the market is varying remarkably. Professionals with any of the diversified tech skills like – Mainframes, Java, .NET , PHP or any other programming language expert can learn Hadoop.

If an organization runs an application built on mainframes then they might be looking for candidates who possess Mainframe +Hadoop skills whereas an organization that has its main application built on Java would demand a Hadoop professional with expertise in Java+Hadoop skills.

Some of the job roles require the professional to have explicit in-depth knowledge of Java programming whereas few other job roles can be excelled even by professionals who are well-versed with Java basics.

To learn Hadoop and build an excellent career in Hadoop, having basic knowledge of Linux and knowing the basic programming principles of Java is a must. Thus, to incredibly excel in the entrenched technology of Apache Hadoop, it is recommended that you at least learn Java basics. Click HERE to know about Big data Hadoop training by Tek Classes.


March 8, 2018

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