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How to learn Informatica MDM in the brief period?

Cleaning, Enhancing and Protecting the data at an organization is referred to as Master Data Management, MDM. Data can be obtained from variety of sources, and it becomes important to create a Master Data record. MDM is implemented by Informatica. MDM helps the organization remove the duplicates in the data, it will also filter the invalid or unnecessary data from the system. This data is often imported into the system through the emails and its attachments. Once the data is cleaned, the quality of the data is enhanced. The cleaned and enhanced data is protected, protecting the data is to prevent duplicate or invalid data re-entering the system. In other words MDM repeats the process of cleaning and enhancing to protect the data of the organization. Thus, MDM helps you create a master data record that is cleaned, enhanced and protected.

Why learn Master Data Management? There are several reasons for Informatica MDM to grow as the most popular choice amongst the organizations that need data handling. An organization needs to handle its customer data effectively. It decides the future of the business the organization does. For a data oriented business, handling data becomes more important, it indeed is the key for success or failure. Creating a Master Data record and managing it efficiently becomes to the most important task for any organization that handles large volumes of data can place you on the right track in your career by fetching you the right job. Master Data Management certainly can is a tool that can have an impact on the business. Learning MDM will make you the chosen one in your organization to handle the most crucial task of handling the data. Informatica MDM is a proven tool that can create and manage the Master Data of the organization.

What are the pre requisites needed to learn MDM? The minimum pre requisite to learn MDM is knowledge on SQL, MySQL. Knowledge on Informatica PowerCenter will make learning Informatica MDM easier.

How to learn MDM? It depends on where one stands, or what level of knowledge they have about these tools. If you are new to field of Data handling or Data management, then Master Data Management will be a challenge to learn on your own. For a beginner, self learning is not recommended at all. For instance, you are learning any tool from an expert who has in depth knowledge on the tool, then you learn the best techniques of handling the tool. Firstly look for some institutions that are providing Informatica MDM courses, either “face to face” classes or online tutoring. It is better to choose the online training as you can do it at ease from your home, and at a time suitable for you. While making a choice of the institute, make a thorough research about the institute, the reviews written by the students or professionals already taken the course. There are institutes that have trainers with 10+ years of experience on the tools they train on. Training on tools like Informatica PowerCenter, Informatica Master Data Management needs experienced faculties who have the ability to provide training on the most critical operations of the tool. The other aspect which needs to be looked into while choosing the institute is the flexibility in time, for working professionals.


Key benefits of Informatica MDM:

  • Elimination of repetitive data: MDM helps you eliminate redundancy and makes the data more specific.
  • Editing discrepancies: MDM eliminates the data discrepancies that usually happen while editing multiple data records. When you edit data in one location, the data in the other locations do not change and leads to data mismatch or discrepancies. MDM will help you edit data in the Master Data record and accordingly change in it the multiple locations.
  • Filtering Data: Only key data enters the system which results in a lighter version of the Master Data record. Thus making the data more authoritative and a reliable source of information for business users.
  • Effortless Backup: With MDM, you are working with centralized data sources, which make it easier and faster during backups. Backup is the most important process to save data during any disaster or on the occasion of storage systems going corrupt.
  • Increased Business Efficiency: MDM makes it easier to handle data for most of the business operations. The easier it is to handle data, the more efficient your business would be. The more efficient business leads to happier customers.


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June 5, 2018

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