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How to Write Better Headlines for Your Facebook Ads

With over 1.13 billion active Facebook users engaging on the platform, it has become a key choice for digital marketers to leverage the advantages of targeted ad creation. Facebook provides targeted options that allow you to get your ads in front of the crowd that you are really looking for. We are in the digital age that allows us to target specific demographics from the millions of daily active users. We are even allowed to target specific Age group, Gender, Country, Online Activity, Job, Interests and more. Facebook is such a powerful tool business users are approaching it for maximum returns. To make it work for you, you will need to focus details. There are many factors that deliver success or failure of Facebook Ads, including images, the content, the description, the call to action, the targeting, etc. Facebook ads offer business users an effective way to reach their ideal customers. Your ads display in front of your audience on both their mobile, desktop interfaces.

One of the toughest parts to create an attractive ad is creating an excellent headline for your story. Studies also suggest that 8 out of 10 people will read a headline, but only 2 will read the rest! Hence, understanding how to write headlines can be the difference between good and outstanding PPC campaigns. A killer headline should be short, informative, direct and attractive. These characteristics will catch the eyeballs of your readers and make them click your ad. But more often, many people struggle to weave actionable title between 25-40 characters odd characters, even if they have a good 800-word story. A user’s decision to click your Facebook Ad will definitely depend upon the power of your headline.

Your objective in writing a compelling headline will be to generate as many clicks as possible on your Facebook ad. Fine-tuning your ad in the best way possible will help to get more clicks that allow you to keep the overall cost of your ad campaign down. Many studies suggest that calls to action work best if you inform the user exactly what to do or give a very clear understanding of what they can expect if they click that ad. You can also think from a psychological perspective, as our minds almost always respond to a question, you can create a nice question-based title. You should never create a Facebook ad headline that is focused on features rather than benefits. Facebook ad headlines should state benefit that a user can get to get maximum clicks.

Below are some helpful tips.

Customized Headline.

To make your Ad more engaging, customize the headline. To the point of fact, your headline is the last thing Facebook users notice in order to understand exactly what you’re saying.  Your Ad headline is to be customized in a way that highlights a specific benefit.

Headline clarity

As Facebook users posting over 3 million posts every minute, you must ensure that your headline has a great clarity and is not easily glossed over.


Your Facebook Ad headline should be short, sweet, and to the point.  Your Ad should create something that is value-oriented.

Question-based Headlines

A study suggests that headlines in the form of questions fetch 150% more clicks than statement headlines.


It is always better to offer a benefit in the headline itself to attract them to visit the page.

Solution based headlines

Many people search in Google for solutions to their different problems, if you are providing any solution, use the word ‘solution’ in the headline. You will get some good response.


You cannot publish an ad that has grammar and spelling mistakes as they will make your business look very silly.

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March 8, 2018

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