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Informatica – Big Data Integration

All you need to know about Informatica Big Data Edition

Companies using Big data to develop innovative products and services and to improve business operations are forced into costly upgrades to expensive databases and data warehouse hardware appliances. Reason being, on everyday basis huge volume and verify of data like Web logs, machine sensor, social media, and unstructured data are being created. As the data volume continues to grow, they consume the space in data warehouses and application databases very quickly. Also due to the resource constraints and the perceived risk associated with rapidly changing and emerging technologies like Hadoop, most companies are putting off big data <development activities>projects.

Informatica PowerCenter Big Data Edition works with both traditional data management infrastructures and emerging technologies and provides a safe, efficient way to integrate all types of data on Hadoop without doing much development activities in Hadoop.

The below Primary features of Informatica Big Data Edition will explain why this will be the next buzz word in this Data-driven Industry.,

  1. Accelerate deployments–Informatica Big Data Edition saves developers time with a visual development environment, reusable business rules, efficient collaboration tools, and flexible deployment models that allow them to build production-ready data pipelines up to five times faster than hand-coding in Hadoop in a conventional way.
  1. Minimize Risk of Adopting New Technologies– helps minimize the risks associated with the latest technologies which continue to evolve such as Hadoop. Informatica Big data edition provides a single, consistent data integration approach for all data types, so you shouldn’t have to rebuild everything each time a change or innovation emerges and can adopt new technologies fast without having to destabilize your production environments.
  1. Readily Staff Big Data Projects– Hiring and retaining Hadoop experts can be a time-consuming and costly challenge, but it doesn’t have to be with Informatica Big Data Edition as no specialized coding is required to scale performance on distributed computing platforms like Hadoop. Your own development team (Informatica Developers) can use this edition’s codeless development environment, efficient collaboration tools, and flexible deployment models across all projects.

As described by Informatica, Informatica Big Data Edition is ‘Faster to value, faster to staff, faster to integrate, faster to trust, faster to innovate and faster to deploy’. This innovative product from Informatica helps to bring products and services faster into the market, improve business operations, reduce big data management, expanding adoption of Hadoop across projects and minimize risk by investing in proven data integration software that hides the complexity of underlying technologies.

With this kind of an innovation which is very much user-friendly and cost effective, it is for sure that more and more organizations will start adopting Informatica Big Data Edition to improve their business operations. This opens up a wide opportunity for Informatica Developers and other professionals in ETL and Big Data technology to upgrade themselves on Informatica Big Data Edition. After all, as the saying goes ‘Nothing is constant in this world; Change is the only constant thing’. So upgrading yourself to Big Data edition will open up your career path into Big Data, Integration and Analytics.

June 6, 2018

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