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Informatica 10 Added New Transformations

The Industry’s best just got better”, an upgrade is always an excitement for the users. Informatica PowerCenter version 10 is a new and improved version that has excited the industry analysts. The experts feel “it is more than just data integration”. PowerCenter is a metadata driven data integration platform, and is a widely used ETL tool (Extraction Transformation and Loading tool). At inception, PowerCenter started as a data integration platform and gradually evolved to be the best data management platform which enables data profiling, data governance. The new version makes PowerCenter more effective.

PowerCenter comes in three different editions, the user can choose from Standard edition, Advanced edition or Premium edition. The choice of edition will be depending on the data complexity. High Performance ETL is standard across all three editions along with Rapid Prototyping and Basic data profiling. The Advanced edition will come with Metadata Manager, Business glossary and Real Time Engine. In addition to these, the Premium edition comes with Proactive Monitoring, Data Validation and an Advanced Transformation. The companies choose the edition depending on the data complexity and use cases.

“Our Enterprise data management program is centered around our partnership with Informatica, which we believe gives us an advantage over our competition. Our ticketing operations are now streamlined and more efficient. Our future is data driven and Informmatica is the partner that is going to help us get there”. – Andrew Mclntyre, Vice President, Technology, Chicago Cubs.

What makes Informatica 10 exciting than its predecessor?

Informatica PowerCenter 10 comes with an improved monitoring for data filtering and data management in the system. It now comes with an improved dashboard that monitors the system health and the usage, more efficiently than ever. The upgrade has enhanced the collaboration between the Business Analysts and IT developers. The new version now comes with 5x faster Data Integration for Oracle Exadata, HP Vertica and SAP HANA. PowerCenter Version 10 comes with improved Data Analyst and Metadata Management features, in the Advanced Edition of the PowerCenter Version 10, Metadata Manager comes with up to 50x faster data lineage rendering. The new visualizations help you understand the data better with the new and improved visualizations for data discovery and data profiling.

This latest version has improved its standard features for users such as Business Analyst and provides new features for applications like performance monitoring. With the version 10, PowerCenter can integrate Codes with external Software Configuration tools, this will impact coders who wish to work with two tools together. The most important platform in data management is the BigData. The new version offers advanced developments in BigData edition, along with Analyst Tool, Business Glossary and Admin Console. However, you need to upgrade the hardware to upgrade to PowerCenter Version 10, it now needs a 64-bit environment as default. So, the user needs to upgrade the server to 64 bit too.

There is not much for the traditional users and the architects. There are no new features for regular products like MDM, PC and B2B. This will definitely disappoint the traditional users. Prototypes can be developed through Rapid Prototyping to validate data requirements, now with a timely fashion. The new version offers stretched connectivity for cloud based services. On the whole, the new PowerCenter Version 10 enhances your project reach with its real time capabilities.

The upgrade to Version 10 opens new doors in data management. The integration of coding with external software tools makes it even more attractive for an IT developer. The enhancement connectivity with the cloud services improves the storage of data and access of the stored data.

Briefing upon the transformational changes:

  1. A new Dashboard that enhances monitoring of the System usage and health
  2. Improved collaboration between IT developers and Business Analysts
  3. Higher Data Integration Agility
  4. Faster Data Integration, Up to 5x faster than the previous versions
  5. 50x faster Metadata manager for improved data lineage rendering
  6. Improved visualizations for Data discovery and profiling to make the user understand data better
  7. The new version can integrate codes with external software tools
  8. Advanced developments in BigData editions. The Business glossary, Admin console are upgraded too
  9. Enhanced project reach with real time capabilities
  10. Cloud services updated for a better connectivity
  11. Advanced Rapid Prototyping made available with the new version

Down side:

  1. Hardware needs to be upgraded to 64 bit, alongside the server too, without which the version 10 cannot be accessed
  2. No upgrades for traditional users using PC, MDM, B2B
  3. Nothing for the Architects in this upgrade

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June 6, 2018

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