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Is Selenium still the viable tool for automated tests?

The costs for automated tests are certainly very high when product user interfaces change very rapidly. In the e-commerce industries, for dynamic contents it is difficult to create and maintain automated tests. If, for example, while visiting the amazon website, the search result you see will have similar items appearing differently for two similar searches. Many e-commerce companies now a days building certain algorithm to support personalization and based on the buying pattern of the person different items are shown in two similar search results.  In all these situations selenium tests can not be reliable  for longer period and if the tests use x path then it becomes irrelevant quickly.

For automation there are many other tools available, which can automate and locate objects based on position or value. Multiple risks are involved in both. In static contents position based object locators can work better, but it also depends on the size of the screen and resolution, position may change.  Also value based search is sometimes risky, especially for e-commerce because similar items may have the same value in their content or a simple case is if the item is not available or out of stock, may not come in the search. So this is an issue to maintain test environments and continuously producing very reliable test results based on which the product owner makes a decision about the test quality of the software.

Because of these risk factors, many e-commerce companies are loosing their confidence for end testing automation ad tried with multiple tools and technologies.  They certainly will to invest and improve their test coverage, many companies sell products on their websites, they always try to fix some production issues in regular basis and push their code fixes almost daily basis to improve their customer experience and increase conversion.

As software automation testing is not completely viable option due to above reasons they need to invest heavily for testing resources using manual regression or some functional testing. As 80% automated tests are based using Selenium Webdriver and there is no viable recording tool available for Selenium testing. Automation suite is developed that has home grown testing frameworks by these companies. These home grown testing frameworks are either written in Java, Python, Ruby, Java Script or any other supported language by Selenium. Every homegrown framework has its own limitation.

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March 8, 2018

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