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Learn Informatica Data Quality Use Cases

Processing your data effectively holds keys for Success or Failure. The enterprises that handle their data well enough, error free, then they are bound to taste Success. Informatica Data Quality is a comprehensive approach in managing data for an enterprise. Informatica Data Quality helps you find the error in the data, fixes the error and cleans your data for further processing. The Informatica Data Quality software transforms data quality process into collaboration between business and IT, thus making the entire process data driven.

What does Informatica Data Quality provide? It consists of “Data Discovery and Profiling Tools” that can identify vital data problems that are often hidden. These tools allow both business users and IT users to collaborate identify data quality issues quickly. Informatica Analyst is a tool that works in the browser, it allows the business users to improve quality of data without the need of IT. It is a user friendly tool that allows a non professional computer user to operate without much trouble. Informatica Developer on the other hand is an Eclipse based environment that improves IT productivity. Informatica Data Quality provides “Universal Connectivity”, as it is open to all applications. Informatica Data Quality provides support to all types of data, with accurate global matching and versatile data management for all projects. Because it is universal, the user has access to data from all types of data sources on Hadoop or on cloud based platforms.

“A major benefit of Informatica Data Quality is increasing confidence and trust in enterprise data by making data quality more visible and more relevant to the business”. – Thomas Reichel, Senior IT Architect, KPN.

Why Informatica Data Quality? What makes the companies chose Informatica Data Quality over its competition? It is versatile, one tool can handle all types of projects. Its configurable development environment can manage quality across all domains. Its versatility can manage data quality of data from all data domains and from financial, products, assets etc. Reference data can be reused for data migration and data governance. It is a cost effective way of handling data. It provides collaboration between Business users and IT users and also frames a common environment/common mode of interaction between the two, and that is DATA. The companies can share data profiles and scorecards by the sharable bookmarks that are equipped in Informatica Data Quality. It enables users to access data from various sources in Hadoop and in Cloud. Informatica Data Quality will maximize the returns on most valuable asset, which is your data.


Who can make the most of Informatica Data Quality in the organization?

  1. Business Analysts: They can now manage data quality tasks without relying on IT, thanks to the user friendly Informatica Analyst tool.
  2. Business Managers: They get access to the trust worthy information within the everyday applications they use, like the Microsoft Excel.
  3. IT Companies: They have a single platform to profile the data, clean the data and manage the data across the whole enterprise. Informatica Data Quality provides reusable data and allows IT to be more effectively functional all the times for Business needs.

“With its latest release, Informatica will spearhead pervasive data quality, enabling business users, data stewards, analysts, and developers to participate in data quality processes and support their specific tasks, which in turn will help GfK to capture, service, and retain customers even more effectively”. – Fabrice Benaut, CIO, GfK Retail and Technology, France.

Final Words:

  1. The Informatica Data Quality can monitor the data across the enterprise, it can filter the error and clean it instantaneously. This helps in saving time and money for any company
  2. The Informatica Data Quality enables Business and IT collaboration, which results in an effective work relationship between the two. The common problem between the two is resolved as they are both data driven now.
  3. It provides Informatica Analyst, for companies that are willing to be non reliant on IT, and Informatica Developer, a tool that improves IT productivity.
  4. It is Universal, it can handle all types of data from all kinds of sources. It provides Global Matching, where, a user or a company can validate data from different locations, without the interference of the global appearance and their language.
  5. With clean and trusted data available across the enterprise, the companies are bound to achieve success and better business outcomes.


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March 16, 2018

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