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Opportunities for a testing professional in Big Data Hadoop

Role of Software testing professionals

Software testing is an important aspect of software domain and the role of software testing engineer or professional extend to different domains in case an organization or IT firm choosing to adapt itself to the changing needs of its Information Technology business. The Information Technology as an industry needs the services of software testing professionals to check for bugs or other user concerns in new software that are being developed every other day. The software testers’ inherent skills in both manual and automated testing are helping IT firms in releasing their software products without any glitches across the global IT markets.

Opportunities for Testing professionals in Big Data Hadoop

The emergence of new technologies such as Big Data is transforming the career path of software testers with organizations no longer recruiting the traditional testers due to certain factors that include the below mentioned three important ones-

  • Agile development techniques integrating test automation into the development processes.
  • Mature test automation tools that is simplifying the creation, automation and test execution.
  • The responsibility of testing has shifted to either development (Test-Driven Development –TDD) or functional test automation with the test resource model for traditional testers having significantly reduced.

The above-mentioned drastic changes in the field of software testing and the emergence of Big Data and Hadoop ecosystem technologies has created a new career opportunity for testing professionals. According to the Forbes Report of 2015, it is estimated that about 90% of global organizations are making huge investing in big data analytics with about 1/3rd of these organizations calling these investments as very significant. The firms investing in Big Data and Analytics initiatives are also expecting a significant and measurable impact on their revenues.

The emphasis on software testers in learning and acquiring Big Data and Hadoop skills is very important due to the limitations of current testing practices and applications due to the below mentioned two aspects-

  • Data rather than testing scenarios drive software-testing approach as of now.
  • The standard data matching tools are incapable of working with large volumes of data and this becomes a major limitation to the software testing engineers.

By learning and using Big Data techniques provides the software testing engineers’ Big Data skills that can be used for testing large and complex data sets and vast opportunities in the field of meteorology, genomics, biological and environmental research. In addition, statistics do forecast that software testers with Apache Hadoop and Big Data skills can improve their job prospects with IT market in big data in India hovering by more than $1.4 billion by the end of 2016. It amounts to one fifth of India’s KPO market worth $5 billion.

The IT industry by the end of 2018 in India is expected to face a shortage of close to two lakh Data Scientists and this gap can be bridged by software testers by learning Apache Hadoop and Big Data skills that adds value to their profile. A good testing engineer already possesses sharp analytical skills, strong technical skills. These same traits are needed to switch over to Big Data Hadoop. The salaries for Big Data Jobs have already touched above the $106,542 mark on an average scale, making these jobs quite lucrative for software testing professionals.

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September 16, 2017

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