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Responsibilities of a Hadoop Admin

As there are a drastic increase in the implementation of Hadoop in traditional enterprise, there is a high demand for the Hadoop Admin and operations to take care of the Hadoop bunch. With that, the need of Hadoop Admins are becoming vital.

Responsibilities of a Hadoop Admin

  • They are responsible for the implementation and Hadoop infrastructure administration.
  • Creation and the management of clusters also removing nodes using Nagios, Cloudera, Dell open manage and other similar tools.
  • Proposing and deploying the new hardwares and softwares required for Hadoop and also to expand the existing enviroment. This is done by working with the system engineering team.
  • Managing and reviewing of hadoop log files.
  • Monitoring and managing the file system.
  • Screening hadoop cluster job performance and planning of the capacity.
  • Being a point of contact for the escalations from vendors.
  • Maintenance and support of HDFS

If these responsibilities interest you, it is time to upgrade your skillset with the Hadoop Administration.

Data Warehousing Development Responsibilities of Hadoop Administrator:

  • Ensuring the referential integrity
  • Performing the execution of primary key.
  • Accomplishing the restatements of data.
  • Loading the high data volumen in timely manner.

DBA Responsibilities of a Hadoop Administrator:

  • Designing and implementing based on the recognized standards.
  • Automating the manual tasks.
  • Management of the disk space.
  • Connectivity and security of the database.
  • Backup and recovery of the database.
  • Installation and configuration of softwares.

These are the responsibilities and now lets see the skills required for becoming a Hadoop Administrator.

Skills Required to become a Hadoop Administrator:

  • Skills like HBase, Hive, Mahout etc
  • Should be able to deploy Clusters, remove or add the nodes.
  • Keeping track of the jobs
  • Monitoring of critical parts of the cluster.
  • Knowledge of Linux.
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    December 20, 2018

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