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Similarities between ODI and Informatica – Which is better?

As both Informatica and ODI are tools used to move data from source-to-target with transformations, there are some similarities.  I am listing some of those below…

Informatica Power Center is developed by Informatica. Informatica is a well known ETL product in the market and is a foundation component of Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA). Thus, Informatica should be used for BI projects where OBIA is part of the solution.

Oracle Data Integrator is based on this unique E-LT (Extract – Load Transform) architecture which eliminates the need for a standalone ETL server and proprietary engine, and instead leverages the inherent power of your RDBMS engines. This combination provides the greatest productivity for both development and maintenance, and the highest performance for the execution of data transformation and validation processes.

As compared to ODI, there are more resources in the market with Informatica skills and the UI is faster and more user-friendly. Unfortunately, Informatica is more costly than ODI and its server based licensing may by a burden to smaller BI projects and it adds another vendor to the mix. Also, Informatica often requires performance tuning for complex queries.

ODI is less popular than Informatica, yet it is ideal for situations when much complex logic is required for large volumes of data. It is installed on target databases so performance is faster than Informatica. Limitations of ODI have to do with the use of knowledge modules for Loading, Integration, Journalize, Check and Reverse. Modification to these modules is time consuming. It is rumored that in the Fusion architecture ODI will be an optional ETL solution for OBIA.

In summary, there are a variety of options for ETL. When using OBIEE, Informatica, ODI and Informatica are strong contenders. Consideration of functionality, budget and other factors will lead to the right selection for your organization. You can also know more about Tek Classes training course on Informatica Powercenter and Oracle Data Integrator (ODI).

June 6, 2018

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