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Step by Step Guide to Make Career in Salesforce

Salesforce has created a stir in the technology industry at this time. With new customers signing contracts day by day there is a need for more Salesforce developers, administrators and consultants. To start your career in Salesforce step by step career building is required.

To start with, the first step would be to create a free free #AwesomeAdmin edition account. This would help in accessing all of the features and functionality of Salesforce, which allows you to explore and play with the newest features and get hands-on experience with the application. With this org you can install AppExchange packages to test them and become familiar with the install process, Create and execute APEX code (for those who are developers) including Visualforce, Build new features and functionality in Salesforce, Access the Salesforce Success Community and much more. This org will help you learn and play with the Salesforce.

The second step would be to start playing on your account and get started. Salesforce Trailhead, an interactive learning tool that is developed by Salesforce is a useful one. It is same as Code Academy, which has modules modules you’ll work through using your admin org. With this you learn basics of Salesforce while earning points and badges. There are also Force.com Platform Fundamentals but it is the old school way of learning Salesforce. For learning true documentation style Force.Com shall help. Salesforce Cheat Sheets are also there. This are quick guides and can be printed and hung in your place. Salesforce Youtube channel is also a good resource which could help learning.

The third step would be networking. Networking will help boost your career and you will meet through local user group many people with your like interest. These groups are 100% by the community and provides new features of the platform, learn how customers use Salesforce and meet the local Salesforce talent. That is when you will also find jobs or answer questions you have on the subject. For benefitting from these meetings one also needs to overcome the fear and learn networking. You’ll find that this will slowly build your network and you’ll perhaps find a mentor or job opportunity.

The fourth step is to build your network and engage with others in the community. Salesforce user tend to share their information on Twitter and try jumping into conversation with others with regard to this matter.

The fifth step would be to volunteer. Whatever knowledge on Salesforce you have attained, it’s time to apply it to the real world scenario. Before getting a full time job somewhere, to boost your CV it’s better to volunteer. To find places for volunteering, check the Salesforce Foundation or Community Corps for virtual or local pro bono volunteer opportunities.
So following these few steps will help in building of the career in Salesforce.

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June 19, 2017

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