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How helpful are BI tools like tableau for career growth?

Tableau for career growth?
Tableau is the fastest growing Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Visualization tool. Data Visualization is the presentation of Data in a way that even a lay man can understand. Tableau is the most preferred Data Visualization tool which is very easy to learn and fast to implement. Tableau has five different products for professionals and organizations.
Tableau Desktop is built for individuals, Tableau Server is for Organizations, Tableau Online is for Business Intelligence online in the cloud based platforms, Tableau Reader is a tool that allows you to read files that are saved on Tableau Desktop and Tableau Public is built for publishers like journalists to publish Data online. Tableau Reader and Tableau Public are free tools that do not come with any premium package. Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop are free only for the first 14 days, post the free trial period you need to upgrade to the premium package by paying the prescribed fee.
With Tableau, you can connect with several Data sources and several Data formats such as Microsoft Excel, Text, Database on Big Data and so on. Connecting with Data with Tableau you will be able to join data for Data Blending, Custom SQL and Google Analytics. Tableau as mentioned above is a Data Visualization tool to represent data in a very simple and crisp manner. You will be able to use filters, formatting tools to create different views to represent data.
Key benefits of using Tableau:
• Quick and reliable
• Ability to build interactive dashboards
• Ability to connect to R
• Competitive and affordable pricing plans

How to learn Tableau?
Tableau itself provides various courses like free online course, paid classroom course as their training modules. These courses will train you on Connecting with Data, Data Preparation, Building Dashboards, Interfaces and Distribution of Data. Apart from this, there are several institutes that provide both Online and Classroom training courses in Tableau that will enhance your skills on Tableau and make you a hot favorite for hiring managers.
Why chose a career with Tableau?
With Tableau, you will be working on a tool that is quick and you will be able to provide fast analytics. Apart from being quick and an easy tool, Tableau will enable you to create custom visualizations for huge amounts of data with zero errors. Tableau does not require any previous programming skill or past experience for you to get started with the tool. You will be able to leverage power of the databases.

How much will a Tableau Developer earn?
According to payscale.com, Tableau Developers earn close to 80,000 USD to 100,000 USD per year depending on the number of years of experience the Developer has with Tableau. In India a developer with 2-3 years of Tableau experience is reported to earn around 6,00,000 INR to 8,00,000 INR for an year. The most paid Tableau Developer profile is known to be earning close to 15,00,000 INR for a year, this is for the most experienced and skilled Tableau Developer in India. The trends of average annual salaries all across the world has been steadily increasing due to the increase in employment of the Tableau tool by most of the organizations today.

Will my career path grow with Tableau?
The answer to this question will be a YES, the sole reason being the user friendly approach the Tableau tool comes with, and it is the most preferred Data Visualization tool in the present Business Intelligence field. Any aspirant who is looking to start of his career with Tableau can go ahead and start focusing on with a basic certification. A basic certification would earn you a junior developer role, which, based on your performance would be pushed to higher roles. Job aspirants with a little experience can go for the Intermediate and Expert level of training certifications to enhance their skills and grow further to a higher position with Tableau. Tableau is reported to be very quick in handling huge amounts of Data, Data in today’s world is the sole decider of the future of any organization, the better the organization handles its Data, the successful they become. An organization’s future is more reliant on the way it handles its Data, tools like Tableau make it simpler to visualize the crucial data and handle it in a better way. Therefore skilled Tableau Developers are always needed in the market and will be of high demand due to their Data Visualization skills.

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July 25, 2017

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