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TIPS TO FIND A NEW JOB – The First Step in Finding your Job in IT Industry

Unless you are an individual who works in a high demand career, getting a new job is something very difficult task to perform. After you have years of experience, then also it becomes difficult to crack the interview. Interviewers are highly trained people sitting in front of you and asking any random question they would want to. Hence, plan your strategies accordingly and polish your skills on the regular basis. While sitting at home, it is the right time to study regularly and acquire more knowledge about your subjects.

Given below are some of the tips that an individual should do to find a new job:

Self-assessment is your primary need:

Before you start searching jobs, start with your self-assessment. Through this process, you will able to identify your strengths and weaknesses and especially the key points where you need to work hard. The better you are aware of your requirements, the easier will be the process to find a new job.

Prepare an updated resume:

Make sure you prepare your resume in a detailed manner. First, prepare a rough draft of the resume, writing all your qualities, qualifications, experience (if any) and your certifications too. Don’t forget to write your achievements and certifications because it imparts a great impact on the interviewer if you are a good sports person or a good painter. So, these qualities are always counted. A resume is one of your tool to impart an impression of that you are the perfect candidate to get this job. Make sure whatever you write it in the resume should be true otherwise it can back stab you.

Establish a network of valuable contacts:

It is very important to build a network of friends and relatives who are aware of the fact that you are on job hunt mission. These known people would be your references to build a huge network and to refer you to the company.

You will likely find that there are only a few jobs within your geographic area that are asking for recent college graduates and are looking for a skill set that you feel comfortable in.

This is good. It doesn’t matter how few jobs there are so long as that number is above zero and you follow one simple rule:

  • Be the candidate that they are most interested in

Find jobs you are qualified for where you can alter your resume (yes for each application) to specifically tell the person exactly what they want to hear and to be telling the truth when you do so.

Then make sure you are the candidate that they want most. It does not matter if there are 2 candidates or 200 if you are the top candidate you get the job. Being the top candidate does not equal being better than your competitors, it merely means being perceived as their best option and that is based on a lot of factors many of which have ironically nothing to do with the requirements of the job.

Things like being perceived as confident, humble, intelligent, hard-working, a team player, having a good sense of humor, being able to pick things up quickly etc… make a big difference at the early stages of your career.

And if I can leave you with one parting piece of advice, be a good storyteller. Come up with some stories about your experience working on code, working as part of a team etc… that you can tell the interviewers. If you can make them smile and amuse them at the same time you can score brownie points that can differentiate you and sometimes serve as a tie breaker (people really want to not only have someone who can do the job but someone they want to work with).

Two tips for not getting a job:

  • Tell people what they DON’T want to hear
  • Lie or exaggerate on your resume

Two tips for getting a job:

  • Tell people what they WANT to hear
  • Tell the truth

Best of luck on your job search.

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March 27, 2018

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