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Tools to help you Kick Start your Web Development Career

Website development is becoming easier than ever before with a variety of web development tools available every month for web developers. Even though the web is, exponentially, growing it is also getting more complex and the need for more web development tools is becoming a necessity rather than a choice. Web developers come across a variety of bugs while developing or introducing various codes as part of web development. Therefore, it is important for web developers who do not like coding or the idea of fixing bugs to use top web development tools for building websites that give the best performance for readers as well as their users/customers.
Web development tools with advancements in information technology have become quite handy in the form of browser add on, plug-ins helping web developers in making their work more productive and faster in addition to giving faster access to the latest technologies or techniques. Some browsers have web development inbuilt but it is still necessary to monitor the websites user experience to know the performance of the concerned websites. Even open source or free resource web development tools are available catering especially to web developers who favor certain languages and environments.

Some of the top web development tools that are available for web developers are discussed herein include-

Java Script Libraries – JavaScript is still going strong as the most popular programming languages on the web. A JavaScript library is a prewritten JavaScript that allows easier access throughout the development of a website or application. The web developer can include a copy of Google’s hosted jQuery library by using certain snippets. The other web development tools originating from JavaScript libraries include-
• jQuery – A fast, small and feature rich JavaScript library
• BackBonejS – Gives JS app with models, views and collections and events.
• D3.js
• React
• jQuery UI
• jQuery Mobile
• Moment.js
• Underscore.js
• Lodash

Front-end framework – Front-end framework tools help web developers in alleviating the problems involved in the development of web applications and services. Some of these application frameworks include-
• Ruby on Rails
• Angular Js
• Ember.js
• Django
• ASP.net
• Flask
• CodeIgniter
• CakePHP
• Laravel

Language/Platform web development tools– Web development tools also involve programming language that is designed to communicate with a computer and to create programs. Some of these popular web development tools under this category include-
• PHP – A popular general-purpose language that is suited for web development.
• NodeJS
• Kompozer – An open source web development tool that caters to those developers that use specific languages and environment. This tool has emerged as a favorite tool with developers who are into CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

Adobe Muse – This is another web-designing tool that enables web designers to design websites without knowing or learning code or markup languages. By using this software, designers can easily create websites with the necessary HTML code generated automatically when published online.
These dynamic website development tools can help website developers to develop websites without the necessity of using codes.

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March 8, 2018

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