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Top 10 Informatica Data Quality(IDQ) Interview Questions  

  1. What is called as a surrogate key?

Surrogate key is a replacement for the natural primary key. It is an unique identifier and it can also be the no. of each row  which can be used as the primary key.


  1. What are the differences between an unconnected lookup and connected lookup?

Connected lookup accepts input values straight from other transformations in the pipeline. The Unconnected one does not accept any inputs directly from any other transformation, however it can be used in any transformation and also can be invoked as a function by using the :LKP expression. So, an unconnected lookup can be called multiple times when in mapping.


  1. What are status codes?

Status codes are the ones which provide error handling for the informatica server during a session. The saved procedure creates a status code which notifies whether or not stored procedure will be completed successfully. This value cannot be seen by the user. It is only used by the informatica server only to determine if to continue running the session or to stop.


  1. How many types of dimensions are available in Informatica?

There are 3 types of dimensions available in informatica, they are :

  • Junk dimension
  • Conformed Dimension
  • Degenerative Dimension


  1. What is called as the maplet?

It is a set of transformations that you develop in the maplet designer and it can be used in multiple mappings.

  1. What is the difference between Active and Passive transformation?

An Active Transformation can change the number of rows that pass through it from source to destination.
Meaning that it eliminates rows that do not meet the condition in transformation.
Passive Transformation does not change the number of rows that pass through it , that is it passes all rows through the transformation.


7.What is a command that used to run a batch?

pmcmd is used to start a batch.


  1. Define what is user-defined event?

It is nothing but a flow of tasks in the workflow process.These events can be created and raised as on when there is a need associated with it.


  1. What is Data Transformation Manager(DTM)?

After the load manager performs validations for the session, it creates the DTM process which  is the second process associated with the session run.


  1. What are Rank transformation?

Rank transformation is an Active and Connected transformation which is used to select the top or bottom rank of data.

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December 20, 2018

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