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Top 10 Most frequently asked Angular JS interview Questions

Angular JS is a structural framework for the dynamic web pages. It will allow you to use the HTML as your template language and also to extend the syntax of HTML to present your application’s components distinctly.

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1. What makes Angular JS better?
• In angular JS, we don’t have to register callbacks so that it makes your codes simple and also easy to debug.
• Angular JS will help you to eliminate almost all the boiler plate which is like validating the form, return to an internal model or display validation errors and so on which happens because of the flow of marshalling data.
• Every application which is created using Angular JS will never have to use the DOM although that can be done if required.
• With the angular JS, it is possible for you to bootstrap you application very easily.

2. What is meant by string interpolation in Angular JS?
In Angular JS, when the compilation process match the text and attributes using the interpolate service to check if they contain any embedded expressions. There expressions are updated and are registered as watches as a part of normal digest.

3. What are the components included in the architecture of AngularJS?
The 3 components included in the AngularJS architecture are:
• The Scope ( The Model)
• The template ( The View)
• The controller (The Controller)

4. What is an Angular JS digest cycle?
It is the process which is behind the Angular JS data binding. In each of the digest cycle, Angular will compare the new and the old version of the scope model values. The digest cycle is automatically triggered. In case if we want to trigger that manually, we can use the $apply().

5. What is the $routeProvider in Angular JS used for?
The $routeProvider is for configuring tools within the Angular JS App. It is also used for linking a URL with its corresponding HTML page and also if applicable, to a controller.

6. What are the major browser which are supported by Angular JS?
• Google Chrome
• Firefox
• IE
• IE mobile
• Safari
• Edge

7. What are the $ and $$ prefixes in Angular?
These prefixes are used in order to prevent code collisions with the user’s code.
$ is with public objects and the $$ is with private.

8. How is email and phone number validation done in Angular JS?

ng-pattern directive and also angular form validation is used to the validate the phone number and email addresses in angular.

9. How can we change the start and end symbol in Angular Expressions?
Using the $interpolateprovider in the configuration will help us to change the start and the end symbols which are used in Angular expressions.

10. How is validation of a URL done in Angular JS?
For validating the URL, we should add the regex directory to the ng-pattern to attribute.

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August 30, 2018

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