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Top Salesforce interview question and answers

Top 20 Interview Question & Answers of Salesforce

1. What are the benefits of Salesforce CRM?

Here are some of the best advantages of Salesforce CRM
• Guaranteeing quicker and better sales opportunity.
• Automation of redundant and less essential undertakings
• Reducing expense and enhancing consumer loyalty.
• Deploying an analytical approach to customer acquisition.
• Enhanced proficiency and upgraded communication on all fronts

2. Is it possible to write a validation rule which will fire only on insert of record not on update of record?

Use is new () function which checks if the formula is running during the creation of a new record and returns TRUE if it is. If an existing record is being updated, this function returns FALSE.

3. Difference between equation field and rollup summary in Salesforce?

Rollup Summary field is utilized to compute the aggregate of fields in the child object record.
It is necessary to be in a Master-Detail relationship to utilize the rollup outline. A rollup outline field is constantly made on Master record. (Parent to Child).
You have an Account and numerous Contacts under that Account. Every one of the Contact have a number field on it say Contacted People. Presently on the Account you can make a Rollup rundown to check the Number of Contacted People via all your contacts.
What other place a formula field is generally utilized for calculations within a certain object. And it is child to Parent.

4. Maximum batch size of data loader?


5. What are the custom objects in Salesforce?

Just put custom objects are the database tables in Salesforce. There is a requirement for Junction Object which is a custom protest and it has an ace detail relationship. You can make an ace detail connection between two questions and after that interface a youngster question as a related rundown. Custom articles can be a List Custom Setting which is a custom setting that has an arrangement of static information which is re usable. These custom objects must be characterized first and after that the accompanying advances should be taken:
• Unite records with custom objects.
• Make a custom tab for custom question.
• Building page designs.
• Making dashboard and report for examining custom protest.
• The custom tab, application and protest can be shared

6. How Salesforce is useful in tracking sales?

Salesforce records all the fundamental subtle elements like the quantity of customer served daily, day by day sales volume, sales manager detailed reports, sales numbers in every month or quarter. Additionally, it keeps a track on the repeat customer, which is key to progress for any business association.

7. What options are available to you for deploying from a Sandbox to Production?

There are different approaches to deploy from Sandbox to Production. The main way is to utilize a Salesforce include called Change Sets. These allow you to package up components and then deploying them to another Salesforce Org. There are different techniques including ANT Migration Tool, Force.com IDE and Unmanaged bundles.

8. what is the distinction amongst isNull and isBlank?

isNull: It supports for number field
isBlank: It supports for Text field

9. Can we convert formula field into any other data type?

No, Formula fields are extraordinary perused just fields that can’t be changed over to some other information compose. In likewise, you can’t change over some other field compose into a recipe field.

10. How are bucket fields used in Salesforce?

Bucket fields can be utilized in Salesforce reports to group together field values. These fields are not made on the Salesforce stage and just exist in the report itself.

11. What Is trigger in Salesforce?

A Trigger is only a code that is executed previously or after a record is inserted or updated.

12. List of variable reports available in the Salesforce?

Tabular Report: In this the grand total is displayed in a table format.
Summary report: A report in which the grouping is on the column basis.
Matrix report: An in-depth report wherein the there is both row –based and column-based grouping.
Joined report: A joining of two or more reports into one

13. How many reports can be added to the Salesforce dashboard?

A Salesforce Dashboard can be viewed as a visual and pictorial representation of a report with the facility to add up to 20 reports within a single dashboard.

14. How many types of relationships are offered by Salesforce?

Salesforce recognizes two relationship types: Master-detail relationships and Lookup relationships.

15. What are the effects of using the transient keyword ?

The transient keyword prevents the information from being spared into view state. This should be used for very temporary variables.

16. What is a Lightning Component?

The Lightning segment system is a UI structure for creating dynamic web applications for portable and work area gadgets. It’s an advanced structure for building single-page applications built for development.
The framework supports divided multi-level segment improvement that extensions the client and server. It utilizes JavaScript on the customer side and Apex on the server side.

17. What’s the difference between Record Types & Page Layouts

While a page design is utilized to define which fields, segments and related records are shown to a client, a record compose can broaden this by characterizing different business processes. See a full description of the differences here.

18. What is S-Control?

S-Controls are the transcendent salesforce.com widgets which are completely based on JavaScript. These are hosted by salesforce but executed at client side. S-Controls are superseded by VisualForce now.

19. What are the three types of object relations in Salesforce?

There are three types of object relations in Salesforce are:
• One-to-many
• Many-to-many
• Master-detail

20. What number of connections included in SFDC & What are they?

We are having two types of relationships, they are
Lookup Relationship
Master-Detail Relationship


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