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Top tool of DevOps

Top Tools of DevOps

DevOps is the blend of social methods of insight, practices, and tools that increases an association’s capacity to convey applications and services at high speed.

DevOps has unique open source tools. We found the tools listed here are the best.

  2. CHEF
  4. GIT



Docker is a solid tool to reach, later developers are going to scrabble around for a method of data abstraction. It was launched in 2013, docker automates operating system level virtualization. Docker is containerization platform providing agility it SDLC. And also provide portability, provides security to deliver applications safely across the entire life cycle. It helps in cost optimization. It is light weight alternative to VMs.

The companies like Uber, ebay, Paypal, The new York times, Oxford etc are using this tool.


The features of chef are it is configuration management tool. Supports multiple platforms like AIX, RHEL, CentOS, FreeBSD and can be integrated with cloud based platforms. It is an open source tool. It has Active, smart and fast growing community support.

Companies like Expedia, Firefox, HP, Disney, facebook, rockspace etc are using this tool.



The features of puppet are it is the most famous configuration management tool. It has master-slave architecture. This tool is used for deploying, configuring and managing servers. It’s a open source tool. Long commercial track record.

Companies like Cisco, JPMARGON, Teradata etc are using this tool.



The features of git are its open source version control tool.

Decentralized open source code management tool

Support non liner development and easy branching. Also it is reliable as every contributor has his own local repo. It is highly scalable.

The companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Linked in, Accenture, facebook, yahoo etc are using the GIT.



The features of splunk are it is used to store, search, analyze and visualize the machine generated data. It can ingest any type of data file. And can create knowledge objects for operational intelligence. It monitors business metrics.

The companies like CISCO, Facebook, IBM, Dominos, BOSCH, and Motorola



The freatures of Jenkins are it is the most famous continuous integration tool. It has 2000+ plugins to easy work.

It is an open source tool with great community support. It is worked with java and thus, it is versatile to all the significant stages.

The companies like pentaho, openstack, Angularjs, Capgeminin, Luxoft, Linkend in are using this tool.

December 20, 2018

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