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What are the future opportunities in Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is an open Cloud computing platform started by Microsoft Inc. It is an integrated cloud service which the developers use to build and manage applications through the global network. In the present scenario where Cloud providers are evolving, Microsoft Azure has secured a place and growing steadily as a competitor for the top cloud providers. Microsoft Azure provides a wide range of services from “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS) and “Platform as a Service” (PaaS) to Cloud Managing services. Top analysts report that Microsoft Azure is a growing fish in a growing pond of Cloud computing. The cloud market is very competitive and ever growing. Microsoft Azure competes with the likes of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud. Along with IaaS and PaaS, Microsoft Azure also offers security controls, networking, analytics and more. A major advantage with Microsoft Azure is that it supports third party software as well.

Microsoft Azure services can be categorized based on different types like Compute, Web and Mobile, Data Storage, Analytics, Networking, Media, Hybrid Integration, Identity and Access Management, Internet of Things, Development, Management, and Security.

Opportunities with Microsoft Azure:

Career opportunities with Microsoft Azure are not something one can ignore, even though AWS and Google Cloud lead in Cloud computing services, there are no fewer opportunities if you chose to make a career with Microsoft Azure. Now, with the increasing use of Cloud computing by most of the organizations from various fields, the jobs, related to Cloud computing skills, are also increasing. A recent study shows that the jobs requiring cloud skills have been the hottest trend in the current job market. A majority of the job openings in top firms need skills either working on AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. These job profiles with Microsoft Azure include Configuration, Development and Operation’s positions and salaries in the range of 150,000 USD to 250,000 USD annually. Companies look for candidates who can define the Cloud being in the Cloud Architect position. The job positions based on Microsoft Azure will be termed as “Cloud Solution Architect” or “Cloud Architect” that require deliberate knowledge on most of the Cloud computing processes and be able to use this knowledge to fit the organization’s needs.

What are the certifications and training you need to start a career with Microsoft Azure? Certifications in Microsoft Azure will enhance your Cloud computing skills and chances of landing you in the right job. There are several approved certifications from Microsoft. You can opt to get certified as Microsoft Azure Solution Architect, Linux on Azure, Microsoft Specialist certifications for Developing Microsoft Azure Solution, Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions, and Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions. Microsoft offers online courses for beginners through their main website. They provide training courses like Managing Infrastructure on Microsoft Azure, Getting started with Microsoft Azure Virtual Modules, Getting started with Microsoft Azure IaaS Monitoring and Management, Developing with.NET on Microsoft Azure, NodeJS on Microsoft Azure and much more. There are several other courses, depending on the level of knowledge you have on Microsoft Azure or any other Cloud technologies, that is on offer through Microsoft to learn and get certified. Post training there will be exams that you need to take to get the certification. For a certification in “Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions,” you need to take up Exam 532, Exam 533 is for certification in “Implementing Microsoft Azure Solutions” and Exam 534 for a certification in “Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions”.

Most of the candidates looking to start a career with Microsoft Azure start off as a Solutions Architect or an IT Architect. Once they are comfortable in this profile, they are bound to perform well. Based on their performance, they move on to become Technical Architects or Senior Software Architects or Solution Architects. With regularly upgrading your knowledge and certifications, you can grow to the highest level in your respective organization. You can reach the stage of a Vice President based on your performance and skills you possess in Microsoft Azure or any other Cloud technology.

Talking about the salaries these Architects get, the average annual salary according to indeed.com for a Microsoft Azure Technical Solutions Architect is close to 150,000 USD. In India, the average salary for Solutions Architect is around 15,00,000 INR per year according to payscale.com. It is reported that Accenture pays the highest salary in India for its Solution Architects.

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June 6, 2018

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