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What does a “Full Stack Developer” do?

According to the Developer Survey, “Stack Overflow 2016”, Full Stack web development is reported to be the most valuable and most popular occupation for now and the future. Full Stack Developers are the ones who possess skills to both in the Front End and the Back End of an application. Front End refers to the interface or the portion of the application that the user sees. Back End basically refers to the main portion of the application that involves logic, server configurations and user authentications. Full Stack Developer is someone who has the ability to work on both Front End and Back End processes by understanding step by step process of building an application.

Full Stack Developers will often be bound by activities related to:

  • Server Admin
  • Cloud
  • Back End
  • Database
  • Front End
  • Design
  • Logging
  • Mobile

Server Admin: Full Stack Developers will be handling the server. They will be working on managing the entire server which includes tasks like connecting to the remote servers, managing user groups on the server, managing certificates, permissions and firewalls. Full Stack Developers install and upgrade the software related to server management. Developers will create healthy developer environments in the virtual machines.

Cloud: Full Stack Developers will be working on cloud based platforms like Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, apart from the visualized servers. These developers work with all platforms the client would demand. The client might ask the developers to switch to cloud platform and operate the applications completely on the cloud. A Full Stack Developer, with the knowledge of both visualized platforms and cloud platforms, will be able to switch between both the platforms.

Back End: Full Stack Developers work on various Languages and Frameworks. The Full Stack Developers will work with web servers like Apache, which maintains the servers and devops. They work with Composer, which is used for dependency management in PHP. It is the most important tool in developer environment today.

Database: Full Stack Developers will work with MySQL and noSQL databases. These databases are often on the server that Full Stack Developers control. The databases are also on the cloud based platforms that the Full Stack Developers handle.
Front End: Front End is where all the chaos is, this is where the Full Stack Developers come into the main picture. Full Stack Developers create a healthy front end workflow that includes working with NodeJS, Yarn. They handle activities like transcription with preprocessors and transpilers. They work with Frameworks like React and Angular. Full Stack Developers work with Module Bundlers like Browserify and Webpack.

Design: On the design end, Full Stack Developers will sketch the prototype of the application prior to converting it into HTML and CSS for the users. They make the prototypes interactive with Java Scripts, and then they develop the user interface designs. Once the user interface designs are ready, the process of building process of the actual application is started. The Full Stack Developers use tools like Photoshop for design, editing with Atom, which is fast and reliable. They use pattern and color picking tools to match the pattern and colors across the application. They deploy the prototype online which gives customers access to review the application and provide feedback for necessary changes.

Logging: Full Stack Developers keep a check on the overall health of the application, they will track the access logs, track the errors during running of the application and they will recognize the flag trends. These developers notice the Input and Output usage and manage the downtime of the application as needed. Full Stack Developers will handle all the errors and complexities reported by the users related to the application.

Mobile: With mobile platforms becoming more preferred choice for applications, the Full Stack Developers will make the application designs mobile friendly.

Being a Full Stack Developer is not an easy task, they need to know each stage of the entire application development. They need to have knowledge on multiple platforms from conventional storage servers to cloud, multiple languages used for coding and cross domains. Being a Full Stack Developer, you are sure of getting the best job in the market, provided, you hold most of the skills mentioned above. You need to be at an intermediate level of knowledge on these tasks if not expert. The knowledge you have on every process makes your profile hot pick in the current job market and provides you the best of the pay package.

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March 8, 2018

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