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What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation has actually been around since the 1980s. This alludes to programming stages and advancements intended for promoting divisions and associations to all the more viably market on different channels online, (for example, email, social networking, sites, and so on.) and robotize monotonous assignments. This technology allows organizations to streamline, computerize, and measure advertising undertakings and work processes, so they can increment operational productivity and develop income quicker. The use of software to automatically insert names and addresses from your database onto the letters and envelopes you wish to send to consumers by mail has been a mainstay of direct marketers for decades.
Some of these practices are conceivable at little volumes without programming, yet innovation gets to be fundamental with any scale and with the expanding number of channels advertisers are required to oversee. Specifically, these procedures all require:
A central marketing database. A spot for all you’re showcasing information, including itemized prospect and client cooperation’s and practices, so you can section and focus on the right message to every client. Think about this as “system of record” for all you’re marketing data.
An engagement marketing engine. A domain for the creation, administration and mechanization of advertising procedures and discussions across online and offline channels. Think about this as the “orchestra conductor” for your client communications.
An analytics engine. An approach to test, measure, and enhance showcasing ROI and effect on income. Think of this as the place you go to understand what worked, what didn’t, and where you can improve.

marketing automation

Does Marketing Automation for all!

Marketing automation was once the conserve of only the most financially successful businesses. The technology needed to create the systems required heavy investment and was built ‘in-house’. However thanks to an explosion of third-party suppliers, complicated automation software is now much more readily available to B2C and B2B companies both large and mid-size. This helps combine and streamline both marketing and sales efforts and creates better visibility for both teams.

Benefits of Marketing Automation:

  • Save Time
  • Efficiency
  • CRM Integration
  • Data Collection
  • Multichannel Management
  • Consistency
  • Personalization

Best Marketing Automation Tools:

1.Marketo: Marketo is perhaps the best-known marketing automation tool. It’s one of the most mature tools, with a full suite of features that not only help marketers manage email campaigns but also provide excellent tools for sales teams. It also has a marketplace with dozens of integrations.


2.Eloqua: Oracle Eloqua enables marketers to plan and execute campaigns while delivering a personalized customer experience for their prospects. Campaigns greatly scale for audiences across channels including email, display search, video, and mobile. With integrated lead management and easy campaign creation, our solution helps marketers engage the right audience at the right time in their buyer’s journey. Sales teams can close more deals at a faster rate, increasing through real-time insight.


3.Customer io: Customer.io its flexibility tool. This is a tool that will really let you get what you want out of it. While it’s not all out of the box, if you’re willing to put in some developer time, you can really customize your Customer experience. Another great thing about this tool is its lightweight UI and fast, personal customer support.

Customer io

4.Constant Contact: Constant Contact is a well known email marketing tool for small businesses. It does a great job of providing basic functionality in a way that is very easy for even non-technical users to take benefit of. The ease of use and reasonably priced cost are its biggest differentiators.

Constant Contact

5.Hubspot: The advantage and disadvantage of using HubSpot are one and the same: the system does a little bit of everything, but doesn’t do any one thing at a deep level. HubSpot describes itself as “inbound marketing software”, which means it offers a variety of tools, one of which is marketing automation. This all-in-one approach can be really convenient.

Hub Spot

6.ExactTarget: ExactTarget is the system’s ability to target communications over multiple channels. Most marketing automation tools focus on email, but ExactTarget goes beyond that and lets you target mobile app notifications or even messages to the dashboard of a customer’s.


7.Userfox:Userfox is another new player in the marketing automation space, and they were actually just acquired by AdRoll. We’re hoping the combined power of the AdRoll and userfox teams means exciting things for the future of their product.


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March 8, 2018

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