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What is Microservices? With Examples of Java Frameworks

Microservices are progressively utilized as a part of the advancement world as designers work to make bigger, more intricate applications that are better created and oversaw as a mix of littler administrations that work firmly together for bigger, vast usefulness. Instruments, for example, Service Fabric are ascending to address the issue to consider and assemble applications utilizing a piece-by-piece system that is, to be honest, less personality boggling than considering the entire of the application immediately. Today, we’ll investigate microservices, the advantages of utilizing this ability, and a couple of code illustrations.


What are Microservices?

Microservices is a type of administration arranged engineering style (a standout amongst the most essential aptitudes for Java designers) wherein applications are worked as a gathering of various littler administrations as opposed to one entire application. Rather than a solid application, you have a few autonomous applications that can keep running alone and might be made utilizing diverse coding or programming dialects. Enormous and confounded applications can be comprised of less difficult and free projects that are executable independent from anyone else. These littler projects are assembled together to convey every one of the functionalities of the enormous, solid application.

Microservices catches your business situation, noting the inquiry “What issue are you endeavoring to comprehend?” It is generally created by a building group with just a couple of individuals and can be composed in any programming dialect and also use any system. Every one of the included projects is autonomously formed, executed, and scaled. These microservices can connect with different microservices and can have one of a kind URLs or names while being constantly accessible and predictable notwithstanding when disappointments are experienced.


What are the Benefits of Microservices?

There are a few advantages to utilizing microservices. For one, in light of the fact that these littler applications are not reliant on a similar coding dialect, the engineers can utilize the programming dialect that they are most acquainted with. That enables engineers to think of a program speedier with bring down expenses and less bugs. The nimbleness and low expenses can likewise originate from having the capacity to reuse these littler projects on different tasks, making it more proficient.


Here is Few of the Examples of Microservices Frameworks for Java

There are a few microservices structures that you can use for producing for Java. Some of these are:

  • Spring Boot: This is presumably the best Java microservices system that takes a shot at best of dialects for Inversion of Control, Aspect Oriented Programming, and others.
  • Jersey: This open source structure bolsters JAX-RS APIs in Java is anything but difficult to utilize.
  • Swagger: Causes you in archiving API and additionally gives you an improvement entry, which enables clients to test your APIs.

Others that you can consider include: Dropwizard, Ninja Web Framework, Play Framework, RestExpress, Restlet, Restx, and Spark Framework.


How to Create Using Dropwizard

DropWizard brings together stable and mature java libraries in some lightweight packages that can utilize for own applications. It utilizes jetty for Jackson for JSON, HTTP and Jersey for REST along with Metrics, Freemarker, joda time, Guava, Hibernate Validaator, Liquibase, Apache HTTPClient, Mustache, logback

You can setup Dropwizard application using Maven. How?

In your POM, add in a dropwizard.version property using the latest version of DropWizard.



<dropwizard.version>LATEST VERSION</dropwizard.version>


Then list the dropwizard-core library:









This will set up a Maven venture for you. From here, you can make a setup class, an application class, a portrayal class, an asset class, or a wellbeing check, and you can likewise construct Fat JARS, at that point run your application.

Look at the Dropwizard client manual at this connection. The Github library is here.


Test code:

package com.example.helloworld;

import com.yammer.dropwizard.config.Configuration;

import com.fasterxml.jackson.annotation.JsonProperty;

import org.hibernate.validator.constraints.NotEmpty;

public class HelloWorldConfiguration extends Configuration {



private String template;



private String defaultName = “Stranger”;

public String getTemplate() {

return template;


public String getDefaultName() {

return defaultName;




Microservices with Spring Boot

Spring Boot gives you Java application to use with your own applications by means of an inserted server. It utilizes Tomcat, so you don’t need to utilize Java EE compartments. An example Spring Boot instructional exercise is at this connection.

You can discover all Spring Boot extends here, and you will understand that Spring Boot has every one of the frameworks that your applications require. It doesn’t make a difference in the event that you are composing applications for security, setup, or enormous information; there is a Spring Boot venture for it.

Spring Boot ventures include:

  • Spring IO Platform: Enterprise review dissemination for formed applications.
  • Spring Framework: For exchange administration, reliance infusion, information access, informing, and web applications.
  • Spring Cloud: For appropriated frameworks and utilized for building or sending your microservices.
  • Spring Data: For microservices that are identified with information get to, be it outline, social or non-social.
  • Spring Batch: For large amounts of group activities.
  • Spring Security: For approval and verification bolster.
  • Spring REST Docs: For archiving RESTful administrations.
  • Spring Social: For associating with online networking APIs.
  • Spring Mobile: For versatile Web applications.


Test code:

import org.springframework.boot.*;

import org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.*;

import org.springframework.stereotype.*;

import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.*;



public class Example {


String home() {

return “Hello World!”;


public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {

SpringApplication.run(Example.class, args);





Jersey RESTful system is open source, and it depends on JAX-RS determination. Jersey’s applications can broaden existing JAX-RS executions and include highlights and utilities that would make RESTful administrations more straightforward, and additionally making customer improvement less demanding.

The best thing about Jersey is that it has extraordinary documentation that is loaded with cases. It is likewise quick and has to a great degree simple steering.

The documentation on the best way to begin with Jersey is at this connection, while more documentation can be found here.


An example code that you can attempt:

package org.glassfish.jersey.examples.helloworld;

import javax.ws.rs.GET;

import javax.ws.rs.Path;

import javax.ws.rs.Produces;


public class HelloWorldResource {

public static final String CLICHED_MESSAGE = “Hello World!”;



public String getHello() {





Jersey is anything but difficult to use with different libraries, for example, Netty or Grizzly, and it underpins nonconcurrent associations. It doesn’t require servlet holders. It does, notwithstanding, have an unpolished reliance infusion execution.


Play Framework

Play Framework gives you a less demanding approach to fabricate, make and send Web applications utilizing Scala and Java. Play Framework is perfect for RESTful application that expects you to deal with remote brings in parallel. It is likewise extremely measured and underpins async. Play Framework likewise has one of the greatest groups out of all microservices systems.


Test code you can attempt:

package controllers;

import play.mvc.*;

public class Application extends Controller {

public static void index() {



public static void sayHello(String myName) {






Restlet enables designers to make quick and adaptable Web APIs that sticks to the RESTful engineering design. It has great directing and sifting, and accessible for Java SE/EE, OSGi, Google AppEngine (some portion of Google Compute), Android, and other real stages.

Restlet accompanies a precarious expectation to learn and adapt that is aggravated by a shut group, however you can most likely get assistance from individuals at StackOverflow.


Test code:

package firstSteps;

import org.restlet.resource.Get;

import org.restlet.resource.ServerResource;


* Resource which has only one representation.


public class HelloWorldResource extends ServerResource {


public String represent() {

return “hello, world”;




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