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Why Informatica Is a Better Shift in Domain for Testers?

The year 2015 witnessed a great improvement in technology. The role of Software Tester also changes with respect of time. Nowadays, the primary responsibility is not just testing the process, but there are a lot more than testing. And, it totally depends upon company to company.

Informatica is the current generation market leader. It requires a lot of qualified professionals to run these. In the year 2015, the career growth ratio rate of Testers and Informatica Professionals are 1:5 (approximately).

Testing Job Trends 2015

According to the survey, the growth rate of Informatica jobs is much higher than Software testing jobs in the market. Standard matching data tools and testing processes are not applicable to solving Big Data problems. In any Informatica Job profile, it is mandatory to have the testing skills. If you are good at testing then you can easily upgrade your skill and can become Informatica Professional and have a bright future.

5 Reasons why Informatica is a better shift in domain for Testers:

According to the current market trend, Informatica is the right technology to invest your time, energy and money. Here, are the top 4 reasons for shifting the domain:

  1. Easy and quick to learn –For testers, Informatica is pretty easy and quick to learn as the foundations are same.
  2. Flexibility –Knowledge of SQL is required to work with Informatica Tools. So, the transition is from Software Tester to Informatica Professional is quite easy for testers.
  3. Better Up-gradation –MNCs are eagerly looking for Informatica professionals to hire for their companies. It is one of the best career upgrade for any tester.
  4. On-demand and more chances to grow as Informatica Tester – The current Linkedin and Naukri.com list, Employers are searching more for Informatica professionals than testers. The growth rate of Informatica professional is much higher that software testers.
  5. Bigger Remuneration –The demand of Informatica professional is high in the market. As per the current scenario, it is one of the highest-paying sectors. The average salary of an experienced Informatica Tester is between 8L/A – 10L/A.

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August 24, 2017

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